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Coach training and certification through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) inquiries can be directed to Kimberly Dennis, Curl BC Education & Camps Coordinator, at kdennis@curlbc.ca.

Karen Watson, Coach Development Coordinator, works closely with Will in ensuring Curl BC meets the coach training standards set by the Coaches Association of Canada (CAC) and Curling Canada.

Unsure of your coach certification details? Look up your NCCP Coaching transcript online on the Coaches Association of Canada’s database; the locker.

Curling Canada has developed two streams for coach training and certification. If you’re still part of the old system, for example you are a Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 coach, you should visit the Transferring System Page to find out more about the requirements to transfer to the new system.

The Community Sport stream is for coaches who typically work with participants of all ages, many of whom are new to the sport of curling. This includes instruction to club volunteers or school teachers, so that they can run a novice clinic, junior or school program. An emphasis on safe, well planned recreational curling is key to this level of training. There are 2 workshops in this stream are called Club Coach: Youth (1-day) and Club Coach/Instructor (2-day).

The Competition Coach stream focuses on coaching athletes who are looking to be competitive. An ethical module; Making Ethical Decisions (MED) as well as an on-ice coaching evaluation is involved in this level of certification. In BC, coaches of juvenile teams are required to have Competition Coach certification to coach at BC Winter Games.

The Competition Development workshop has replaced Level 3 Technical. Competition Development is a comprehensive course that is designed to assist coaches in taking their teams to the next level of competitive play (eg: provincial, national or international). It is recommended that coaches are working with teams that are “Training to Compete.” The workshop encompasses planning, strategy, analysis and program management to better your team’s performance. The Prerequisites for the Competition development  work shop is Level 2 Certified in the old system or Competition Coach Certified.

Want to know more? Visit:

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Curling Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada have developed a new tool called LINKs that helps coaches through the coaching pathway. Visit http://www.curling.ca/about-the-sport-of-curling/coaching-resources/coach-training/ to use it.

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