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BC Amateur Sport Fund

Curl BC and its member facilities are able to receive grant funding from the BC Amateur Sport Fund (BCASF).  Previously known as the National Sport Trust Fund, BCASF is the BC chapter of the Canadian Council of Provincial & Territorial Sport Federations (CCPTSF), a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association with charitable status (registration # 88938 6868 RR0001) that enables Canadians to receive a tax receipt for gifts to benefit amateur athletics.

BCASF, Sport BC and its members like Curl BC all work together for the benefit of the amateur sport landscape in BC. BCASF is administered by Sport BC – to learn more email or read on for further details.

Curl BC and our member clubs have a number of active projects with the BCASF.  Select “curling” from the dropdown menu on the donation form on the Sport BC Website to make a gift to benefit curling in BC.  Thank you for your support!

How does my curling centre get involved?

By registering with the BCASF, your curling centre will have the opportunity to increase its fundraising potential:

  • Your curling centre will be eligible to apply for various granting opportunities that are only accessible to registered charitable organizations. For example, community foundations or corporate grants such as Telus Community Grants or RBC Learn to Play.
  • Local businesses or individuals can receive charitable donation tax receipts for eligible charitable donations to support your curling centre.

The registration process is simple and consists of three steps:

  1. Go to the Sport BC website and open the BCASF application form. Fill it out and provide the description of the project, how the funds will be used, and how the project will assist in promoting/developing amateur sport on a national level. A copy of the budget and promotional material is also needed. Indicate how the BCASF donations will be used in the expense section of the budget.
  2. Send your application form to Curl BC CEO Scott Braley ( for endorsement.
  3. Submit your signed application along with any additional materials to the Sport BC office for consideration. Please email to

There are service fees for utilizing this service that are deducted from qualifying donations when granting funds are distributed. The current fee schedule for processing each individual donation is as follows:

  • Cash/Cheque/Credit Card donation: 5% of the total donation amount
  • Stocks/Securities donation: 5% of the total donation amount + any brokerage fees

Visit the Sport BC website for up-to-date information, and contact Scott Braley at for assistance with setting up your project.

Existing projects

Our members’ BCASF projects:

For the most updated list of our members’ projects, please click the below link and select “curling” from the dropdown menu:

BCASF website

Our BCASF projects include:

Curl BC Athlete Development Fund
The funds will assist athletes in their training for provincial, national and international events as well as those training within the LTAD model.

Curl BC – Youth Programs
To increase BC youth participation and awareness of the sport so that it will increase national level amateur sport