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Long Term Curler Development Model

The Long-Term Curler Development (LTCD) Model is an education tool for coaches, athletes and parents. it is intended to be looked at through the lens of what we want and need our young curlers to do at various ages and stages so that they continue to grow, develop and have fun. The main concern isn’t whether or not curlers follow down the competitive pathway, but rather that they have been provided the tools and skills to get better and with opportunities, then they can decide in time if  staying on the recreational pathway is their goal or if the competitive pathway is for them. The LTCD guide is intended to provide a framework that has a consistent vision,message philosophy and goals to see system alignment across the sport of curling in Canada.

Download a PDF of the LTCD model. 

The above model is an updated version of the Long-Term Athlete Development Model that was first developed by Curling Canada in 2008. Since then much has been learned about how curlers move from learners to more advanced curlers.

What is critical to the whole framework is the Foundational Stages that hold up the entire system – the Foundational Stages will “feed youth” to each of the three pathways and help to properly introduce newcomers to the sport at what ever stage in their life they begin Curling.

Understanding the LTCD Model and Guide will allow member facilities, coaches, parents and other stake holders to effectively provide curlers with the best possible support at each stage of their development.

This information can be found below in the updated version of Curling Canada’s Long Term Curler Development Guide:

Download a PDF of the Long Term Curler Development Guide

The ultimate goal is to create a world class system to create world class curlers – in whatever path they choose.

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BC Long-Term Curler Development Model

This model integrates programs and activities offered by Curl BC and it’s members with Curling Canada’s LTCD model above.