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The Curl BC yearbook was last printed for the 2019-20 season. It contained your curling rules of play, a member centre directory and other important curling information. Yearbooks were distributed to curling centres at regional meetings, where possible. Due to Covid-19 and the uncertainty around events, the yearbook was not printed in 2020 for the 2020-21 season and will not be printed for the 2021-22 season. If you have any questions about the yearbook or if your curling centre would like to find out more, please email Doug Sarti at

Brand standards

Curl BC’s brand identity reflects the spirit of intent of “Our House is Your House”, our community mantra.

Like the sport, it is active, fun and social. It is welcoming and friendly.

The word and logo marks are contemporary.

The Colours of Curling
Red and blue are typically used against a white backdrop. The new Curl BC emblem reflects the colours of curling and are inspired by the provincial flag of British Columbia.

The Shared Passion of “Our House is Your House”
Our House is Your House is not only our mantra, it is central to our look, adopted in 2017. The house that is so synonymous with our sport is clearly integrated into the stylized “BC” in our word mark.

It is meant to remind us every day that Our House is Your House. That our programs are your programs. Our services are your services.

The Stylized Rock
The final element of our new look is the stylized rock above the word mark. The three prongs of the rock represent the leading attributes of our sport as active, fun and social; and the synergies of camaraderie, teamwork and strategic play that make curling the sport of a lifetime.

Thank you to Christopher Ordog from Christopher Allan Design and Marketing for his design work.

Curl BC welcomes our partners to use our logo where appropriate. Our Brand Standards Guide provides the framework for use.

Photo credit

Curl BC would like to thank Seixeiro Photography for many images used on this website.

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