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The 2024/2025 Curl BC High Performance Program aims to assist BC athletes with their daily training and preparation demands as they strive to reach the podium at the provincial, national, and international levels. 

Our athletes will be supported in working towards their goals through extensive, individualized training plans and support. This includes but is not limited to sports science resources, equipment for high performance technical analysis, and access to mentor coaches throughout the year. Athletes will be provided benchmarks and will be assessed throughout the season. The Curl BC High Performance program strives to prepare athletes for each of the stages of the Long Term Curler Development guide with the eventual goal of making the Canadian National Team Program and representing Canada on the world stage. The Curl BC High Performance program takes a holistic approach, and athletes will have access to a wide variety of resources to support their overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Mission Statement

The Curl BC High Performance Program creates a foundation for dedicated and committed high performance Podium Pathway curlers and teams in their pursuit of excellence and podium performances. The program promotes best practices by providing access to world-class coaches and integrated support team services that will enhance athletes and teams’ abilities to accomplish goals and achieve podium performances.

Program Objectives and Rationale

Program Objectives

The High Performance Program is geared towards supporting the top ranked BC athletes. These are the athletes who demonstrate dedication and commitment to their upcoming off season training, pre competition and competition phases of their annual training plan. The program aims to assist athletes in climbing the podium pathway and aims to prepare athletes for the transition to the Canadian National Team Program.

Program Rationale

Each quadrennial see’s significant shifts in the performance components required to reach the podium at a national level and outlined in Curling Canada’s Gold Medal Profile and the Long Term Curler Development Podium (LTCD) Pathway. In collaboration with Curling Canada, viaSport and Canadian Sport Institute Pacific (who are all major players in Curl BC’s HP and funding deliverables), Curl BC continues to raise the bar with its overall programming goals and initiatives that guide coaches and athletes along the pathway.

LTCD - Long Term Curler Development Stages

Competitive Pathway

Learn to Compete (U18)  Training to Competition ratio is 50 %- 50%

Train to Compete (U21)  Training to Competition ratio is 40% – 60%

Podium Pathway

Learn to Excel (U25)  Training to Competition ratio is 33% – 67%

Train to Excel (25+)  Training to Competition ratio is 25% – 75%

Curl BC is eager to partner with athletes committed to excellence and performance. More importantly, we want to affiliate with those who are willing to invest in themselves. Curl BC is committed to an athlete centered program that supports coaches development.

Now is the time for athletes to showcase their commitment, determination and dedication to curling by empowering each other, and utilizing all the resources the Curl BC High Performance Program can provide.

We look forward to working with our BC High Performance athletes.

CC-LTCD Guide 2023 English

High Performance Program Definition

In order for our athletes to be able to perform at the Curling Canada and World Curling Federation levels of competition, they require highly-specialized coaches, ice conditions, athlete services and financial support. In turn, athletes are expected to demonstrate a strong commitment to succeed at the required standards and to show respect for, and adhere to, rules and ethics.

To effectively deliver high-performance sport performances at the above levels of competition, fundamental elements must be part of the athlets daily training or competitive environment, including:

  • highly Trained Team Coaches, Consultant Coaches and Technical leadership
  • daily access to quality ice, rocks and facilities
  • ability to compete at identified performance standards provincially, nationally and internationally.
  • opportunities to compete against top ranked international/national level athletes
  • funding through the Curl BC High Performance Program
  • research and innovation in training methods and equipment design
  • development of qualified and ethical officials
  • athlete recruitment and talent development
  • support for athletes during their athletic careers to assist when they retire from sport and develop the next generation of elite curlers.