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External Sports Credits

The External Sport Credentials Program gives high school students the opportunity to earn graduation credits for approved levels of competition as an athlete or coach.


Athlete 10

Athlete 10 is earned by representing a Region or Zone at Provincials. Eligible competitions are BC Winter Games, BC U18 and BC Juniors.

The minimum training hours is 100.

The athlete must have worked with a coach who is at least Competition Coach Certified.

Athlete 12

Athlete 12 is earned by representing BC at nationals. Eligible competitions are U18 nationals, Canada Winter Games, Junior nationals.

The minimum training hours is 100.

The athlete must have worked with a coach who is at least Competition Coach Certified.


  • Students do not have to be in a specific grade to receive that grade’s credit. For example a grade 10 student who is competing on a provincial team going to a national championship will receive credit for Athlete 12.
  • Students who have participated in the approved program before they reach grade 10 can receive credit for their past participation by obtaining written documentation to verify their participation
  • Once a student has received credit for a particular level, he or she cannot receive additional credits for duplicate participation
  • Students must contact Curl BC to receive a verification letter that is to be provided to your school counsellor
  • Students must show proof of the 100 minimum training hours being completed for each level of credit. For example, submission of a yearly training and competition plan which shows the minimum of 100 hours and includes competing at the BC Junior Provincials will complete the requirements for Athlete 10.
  • Students must have their training and competition plan confirmed by their coach, who must be minimum Competition Coach Certified.
  • Students are eligible to receive both Athlete 10 and Athlete 12 in one competitive year only if they meet the requirements for both levels in that one year.

High school age curling coaches can earn 11 – 4 credits.

The student must fulfil the following requirements:

  • One of the following NCCP Coaching Courses: Club Coach Youth, Club Coach, NCCP Introduction to Competition Part A or NCCP Run, Jump, Throw Course
  • NCCP Making Ethical Decisions “evaluated”
  • 30 hours of coaching experience monitored and reviewed by a Competition Coach Certified or Level 2 Certified coach

Students must send a copy of your NCCP records and practical coach experience verification letter to the Sport and Recreation Branch.

For more information go to the Ministry of Education’s website

To obtain a letter verifying you meet the requirements of the program please contact Melissa Sim at