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Criminal Record Checks

Volunteers of Curl BC Member Facilities may use Curl BC’s access link and code to complete their Criminal Record Checks. Any volunteers that are administering, coordinating, or coaching youth programs, leagues, or activities¬† or teams are required under BC Law to get a Criminal Record Check.

The Curl BC access code is unique and may only be used by volunteers not employees. The code will be required when submitting the online CRC request.

To request the access link and code to complete a FREE Criminal Record Check click here

  • Ensure that you indicate which organization(s) should be forwarded the results of the CRC.
  • Volunteers will verify their identity using their BC Services Card and BC Services Card App.
  • Use of the online service will greatly decrease the time required to complete a check and any delay in obtaining your Criminal Record Check
  • The results of the criminal record check will be sent directly by email to Curl BC Member Services Manager Kim Dennis
    • Criminal Record Checks results may take up to four weeks to process.
  • If you are unable to complete the CRC access request form, or have further questions please contact Kim Dennis at or 604-333-3619