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Criminal Record Checks - Competition Coaches

Competitive team coaches entering Curl BC events are required to get a Criminal Record Check (CRC). It is a requirement under BC law for adults working with children and vulnerable adults to get a Criminal Record Check. Checks completed within the past five years are valid.

Coaches are responsible for completing and receiving their CRC FOUR weeks prior to their first playdown event.

Any team with a coach under 21 years of age, or a team under the age of majority (19 years old) participating in an adult event (Men’s, Women’s, Mixed, Mixed Doubles), must also be accompanied by a chaperone over 21 years of age. That chaperone must also complete a Criminal Record Check.

It is easy and free to get a Criminal Record Check using Curl BC’s online link and access code.

If you have questions about Criminal Record Checks, Screening Processes, or other Safe Sport best practices contact Kim Dennis at or 604-333-3619