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Coaches! We invite you to apply for the 2023 2024 Coach Mentorship Program

This program is going on its third season and we are delighted to open up the application to our coach network. For the 2023 2024 season we are looking to find two coaches, a Coach Mentor and a Coach Apprentice with the main goal of supporting our BC Winter Games Coaches and Athletes in training, in the qualification process, and throughout the BC Winter Games. Please apply through the link below, the deadline to apply is August 16th, 2023.

The BC Winter Games Society supports 10 Coaches to be officially part of their Coach Mentorship Program. Coaches who are successful in our application process will have their names put forward for this opportunity. Coaches in BC throughout each sport selected for this program will have the opportunity to attend an in person training at the Whistler Athletes Centre September 23-24, 2024 and attend the Lhtako Quesnel BC Winter Games Feb 22-24 (covered by the BC Games Society, through the Powering Potential Fund).

To read more about the BC Winter Games Mentorship Program please click HERE

Coach Mentor

The Curl BC Coach Mentor will be someone with experience who is looking to give back and mentor our Coach Apprentice as well as our BC winter Games Athletes and Coaches. The Mentor will be responsible for running webinars, attending meetings, and creating other content for coaches to learn from. Applicants must be Competition Coach Certified and have completed the NCCP Safe Sport Module. Additional requirements for the Coach Mentor can be found HERE

Coach Apprentice

The Curl BC Coach Apprentice will be a coach with some experience but is looking to take that next step into coaching. Coaching experience will range from 1-5 years. Applicants must be Competition Coach Certified or Competition coach trained looking to complete the certification prior to the end of 2023 as well as have completed the NCCP Safe Sport Module. Coach Apprentice specific requirements can be found HERE

Coach mentorship and development is key in recruiting and retaining trained and certified coaches across British Columbia. There are different events and activities that community and competition coaches can engage in to develop as a curling coach either directly through Curl BC or through our sport partners.

Apply for the program by filling out the form found HERE

Curl BC Programs and activities for PD points

  • Curl BC Youth Program Coach or Instructor
  • U12 Blizzard Program
  • Passion Curling U15-U21 Program
  • BC Skill Awards Program
  • Wheelchair Curling
  • Stick Curling
  • Curl BC Camp Coach
  • HP Program Consultant
  • Webinars


In order for NCCP certified coaches to maintain their certified status, they will be required to obtain Professional Development (PD) points within a 5 year cycle. In most cases coaches are already earning the required PD points and it is a matter of reporting these events to earn recognition within your individual locker account.

All competition coaches participating in BC qualifiers and championships are required to maintain their active status. If you need assistance brining your locker account up to date please contact Paul Cseke –  for assistance, and to make a personalized plan.

Partner Organization Coach Development Opportunities