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Making Ethical Decisions (MED)

Who should take the MED training?

  • Coaches taking the Competition Coach training
  • Coaches who have taken the Competition Coach training in the past, but still need to take their MED training
  • Levels based coaches who would like to upgrade their training

Why do I need MED training?

MED training helps to prepare coaches for the tough decisions they’ll be faced with throughout their coaching careers. It also helps prepare coaJennifer Ferris quote - websiteches for the mandatory MED online evaluation module that is a requirement of the Competition Coach and Competitive Development certification process.

Effective in the 2014-15 curling season, the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) Multi-Sport Training module will be delivered in a curling environment as part of the Competition Coach Training weekend.

Generally, Curl BC will offer the MED course on the Friday night prior to a Competition Coach workshop. This will allow coaches not registered in the workshop to attend the MED course. Since this is new this season, MED workshops are being phased into the course calendar.

The MED course can be completed through online homestudy, via a partner or multi-sport organization or local college or at a Curl BC Competition Coach workshop (see diagram below).

Date Location Deadline
 Monday, November 14 Delta Nov 10, 2016


**NOTE: There is an option on the form to select and pay for ONLY the MED and not the entire workshop.

Click on the date to register.

The steps towards full certification of Competition Coach are as follows:

july 15 update - MED incld in workshop diagram


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