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Timer and Observer Training

These two Training Resources developed by Curling Canada are intended to prepare Timers and Observors to volunteer at BC Championships:



Print Material are available with the following fees (including GST):

  • Rule Book $6.50

Officials wanting to refresh can take the above training and attend training sessions that will be held prior to each BC CHampionships for volunteers. 

To become a certified level 1 official individuals will:

  • Complete the Level 1 Officiating Course (self taught)
  • Complete the Level 1 Practical Requirements
    • 3 Games as an observer and 3 games as a timer
    • Practical forms will be signed and verfied by the Chief Umpire of the event and the Provincial Officiating Coordinator
  • Complete the Level 1 Certification Form
    • Certification fees are $30.00
    • Anyone trained as an official prior to Sept 1, 2020 will NOT be required to pay the certification fee. The certification fees were included in course registration fees prior to Sept 1, 2020.
    • Level 1 Certification Form