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Teams Andrews and Craig crowned champs at 2022 BC Seniors

March 22, 2022

The 2022 BC Connect Hearing Seniors Championships brought Championship Curling to Chilliwack over the weekend, with 17 men’s teams and 10 women’s teams battling it out for this season’s senior crowns—as well as a ticket to the 2022 Curling Canada National Senior Championships next season.

The BC championships, held at the Chilliwack Curling Club, took place over 18 draws.

The 10 women’s teams competed in two pools of 5, in order to wither things down into a 6-team modified page playoff round.

The 17 Men’s teams competed in 3 pools of 5 or 6, playing 4 games each in the preliminary round. The top 8 teams overall then advanced to a Double Knockout Round that qualified 4 teams for the page playoff.

The men’s final pit the Team Craig who went (2-2) in the preliminary round, but undefeated in the Double Knockout Round, against Team Pierce, who went (4-0) in the preliminary round but were defeated by Team Monkman in the DKO Round meaning they would need to win the 3v4 game and semi-final in order to advance to the final, which they achieved.

The Senior Men’s final game saw BC’s reigning men’s champion, Brent Pierce, battling against the reigning BC Master champion, Wes Craig. It should be noted the 3 other members of each of these teams were not part of the 2022 Men’s or 2022 Masters Championship Rosters.

The first end saw Team Craig take a two-point lead and never look back, adding two points each in the third and fourth. By the time they added an insurance point in the 5th, it was pretty much all over for Pierce, who managed to get only two points on the board. In the end, Team Craig walked away BC champions, with the final score 7-2 with handshakes after the sixth end. This is Team Craig’s 3rd BC Senior Championship win in the past 4 seasons we have run events. Congratulations to them on this dynasty achievement.

In the women’s final, Teams Arsenault and Andrews was a more balanced match, which required as extra end to determine who would earn the hearts, the lead flip-flopped multiple times due to multi point steals late in the game. It was anyone’s game throughout, with things all tied up in the 9th end. Team Andrew managed to pull out all the stops in the ninth, however, with the winning point and a championship win of 9-7.

Apart form the finals, the event saw a number of great games. Here’s how the rest of the week went:


(no draw 1)

Draw 2 – Tuesday, Mar 15 at 8:00PM

Team Arensenault over Team Cowan 7-1

Team Klebe over Team Jepsen 7-6

Team Richter over Team Andrews 8-2

Team Deputan over Team Mychaluk 7-6


Draw 3 – Wednesday, Mar 16 at 12:00PM

Team Mychaluk over Team Richter, 9-2

Team Jepsen over Team Arsenault, 7-6

Team Andrews over Team Ernst, 10-1

Team Cowan over Team Lee, 4-3


Draw 4 – Wednesday, Mar 16 at 4:00PM

Team Andrews over Team Mychaluk, 8-7

Team Lee over Team Jepsen, 6-4

Team Deputan over Team Ernst, 9-4

Team Arsenault over Team Klebe, 7-0


(no draw 5)


Draw 6 – Thursday March 15 at 8:00am

Team Andrews over Team Deputan 8-2

Team Klebe over Team Lee, 8-1

Team Cowan over Team Jepsen, 10-6

Team Richet over Team Ernst, 7-5


(no draw 7)


Draw 8 – Thursday, March 17 at 4:00pm

Team Richter over Team Deputan, 5-3

Team Mychaluk over Team Ernst, 9-1

Team Arsenaulkt over Team Lee, 6-5

Team Cowan over Team Klebe, 6-5


(no draws 9-12)


Draw 13 – Friday, March 18 at 8:00pm

Team Arsenault over Team Richter, 8-5

Team Mychaluk over Team Cowan, 8-7


Draw 14 – Saturday, March 19 at 9:00am

Team Andrews over Team Cowan, 5-3


(no draw 15)


Draw 16 – Saturday, March 19 at 7:00pm

Team Andrews over Team Richter, 9-4

Team Arsenault over Team Mychaluk, 6-3


Draw 17 – Sunday, March 20 at 9:00am

Team Andrews over Team Mychaluk, 6-5


Draw 18 – Sunday, March 20 at 2:00pm

Team Andrews over Team Arsenault, 8-7



Draw 1 – Tuesday, Mar 15 at 4:00PM

Team Wood over Team Buchy, 8-2

Team Horning over Team Strathdee, 8-4

Team Monkman over  Team Craig, 7-2

Team Sieg over Team Richards, 10-2

Team Eden over Team Shimizu, 8-3

Team McArdle over Team Longworth, 3-2

Team Wright over Team Greenlaw, 7-4

Team Pierce over Team Dangerfield, 10-2


Draw 2 – Tuesday, Mar 15 at 8:00PM

Team McArdle over Team Ihlen, 8-3

Team Monkman over  Team Longworth, 8-4


(no draws 3 & 4)


Draw 5 – Wednesday, Mar 16 at 8:00PM

Team Dangerfield over Team Wright, 6-5

Team Craig over Team Ihlen, 10-3

Team Pierce over Team Shimizu, 8-2

Team Eden over Team Greenlaw, 5-4

Team Sieg over Team Strathdee, 9-2

Team Buchy over Team Richards, 8-6

Team Monkman over Team McCardle, 6-5

Team Horning over Team Wood, 7-2


(No Draw 6)


Draw 7 – Thursday, Mar 17 at 12:00PM

Team Longworth over Team Craig, 4-3

Team Sieg over Team Buchy, 9-0

Team Richards over Team Horning, 6-5

Team Wood over Team Strathdee, 9-1

Team Greenlaw over Team Dangerfield, 8-6

Team Wright over Team Shimizu, 4-2

Team Pierce over Team Eden, 7-3

Team Monkman over Team Ihlen, 9-1


(No Draw 8)


Draw 9 – Thursday, Mar 17 at 8:00PM

Team Shimizu over Team Greenlaw, 7-6

Team Longworth over Team Ihlen, 6-2

Team Sieg over Team Wood, 9-1

Team Pierce over Team Wright, 8-5

Team Horning over Team Buchy, 8-7

Team Dangerfield over Team Eden, 6-3

Team Richards over Team Strathdee, 8-2

Team Craig over Team McArdle, 8-5


Draw 10 – Friday, Mar 18 at 8:00AM

Team Craig over Team McArdle, 7-3

Team Richards over Team Dangerfield, 7-6

Team Longworth over Team Wright, 10-2

Team Eden over  Team Wood, 7-4


Draw 11 – Friday, Mar 18 at 12:00PM

Team Monkman over Richards, 10-4

Longworth over Team Sieg, 7-4

Team Craig over Team Horning, 8-4

Team Pierce over Team Eden, 8-5


(no draw 12)


Draw 13 – Friday, Mar 18 at 8:00PM

Team Sieg over Team Horning, 10-1

Team Craig over Team Longworth, 8-4

Team Richards over Team Eden, 7-1

Team Monkman over Team Pierce, 8-6


Draw 14 – Saturday, Mar 19 at 9:00AM

Team Longworth over Team Sieg, 8-6

Team Pierce over Team Richards 6-4


(no draws 15 & 16)


Draw 16 – Saturday, Mar 19 at 7:00PM

Team Craig over Team Monkman, 6-5

Team Pierce over Team Longworth, 6-5


Draw 17 – Sunday, Mar 20 at 9:00AM

Team Pierce over Team Monkman, 7-3


Draw 18 – Sunday, Mar 20 at 2:00PM

Team Craig over Team Pierce, 7-2