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Other Awards

Sport BC Awards

Team Official Media Relations
Criteria: distributed annually by the Sport BC Office

Nomination forms distributed annually by the Sport BC Office

Past Recipients:

2007 – Kelly Scott (Team)
2000 – Ryan Kuhn (Team)
1998 – Bill Robertson (Official)
1994 – Rick Folk (Team)
1988 – Julie Sutton (Team)
1987 – Pat Sanders (Team)
1985 – Linda Moore (Team)

Premier's Awards


One male and one female athlete, funded through the Athlete Assistance Program will be recognized for the most outstanding performance and achievement during the competitive period September to August.
Nomination Information:

When offered, selections forwarded to Prov. Government – Sport branch
Past Recipients:

2009 – Bob Ursel / Jacqueline Roy
2008 – Stephanie Jackson / Darryl Neighbour
2003 – Desiree Schmidt/Jason Montgomery
2002 – Michael Dahms/Kirsten Fox
2001 – Kelley Law / Andrew Bilesky
2000 – Julie Skinner / Bryan Miki
1999 – Val Lahucik / Jeff Richard
1998 – Sue Garvey / Greg McAulay
1997 – Kelly MacKenzie / Kevin Dey
1996 – Michelle Harding / TJ Perepolkin
1995 – Kim Danderfer / Jim Cotter
1994 – Jeanna Richard / Rick Folk
1993 – Karri Willms /Gerry Richard

Kaizen Awards

Recognition for calendar year most significant contribution to either your organization or sport community
Past Recipients:

Norm Daley (Special Events)
Curl BC (Sport Organization)

BC Sports Hall of Fame


  • Athlete:
    • national or international level in open competition; must be retired from competition for minimum of 3 years
  • Team:
    • brought recognition or honour to BC through an ongoing dedication to the building of athlete, teams or sport itself.
  • Media:
    • significant contribution to the enjoyment and knowledge of sport in BC
  • Pioneer:
    • excellence prior to year 1940
  • WAC:
    • a special award for significant contribution to sport but would not qualify for induction in other categories

Nomination Information: Curl BC submits nomination to BC Sports Hall of Fame

Past Recipients:

  • 2006-2007 Kelly Scott team: Kelly Scott, Jeanna Schraeder, Sasha Carter, Renee Simons, Michelle Allen (inducted in 2008)
  • 2000 Greg McAulay team: Greg McAulay, Brent Pierce, Bryan Miki, Jody Sveistrup (inducted in 2002)
  • 2000 Kelley Law team: Kelley Law, Julie Skinner, Georgina Wheatcroft, Dianne Nelson (inducted in 2002)
  • 1994 Rick Folk team: Rick Folk, Pat Ryan, Bert Gretzinger, Gerry Richard (inducted in 1995)
  • 1987 Pat Sanders team: Pat Sanders, Georgina Hawkes, Louise Helinveaux, Deb Massullo (inducted in 1996)
  • 1995 – Curler: Bernie Sparkes
  • 1985 Linda Moore team: Linda Moore, Lindsay Sparkes, Debbie Jones, Laurie Carney (inducted in 1990)
  • 1984 – Curlers: Roy Stone/Reg Stone
  • 1948 “Frenchy” D’Amour team: “Frenchy” D’Amour, Bob McGhie, Fred Wendel, Jim Mark
  • 1964 Lyall Dagg team: Lyall Dagg, Leo Hebert, Fred Briton, Barry Naimark
  • 1970 – Curler: Frank Avery
Curling Canada

The nominees for the Curling Canada Awards are decided by the Curl BC Awards Committee. If you have a name that you would like to put forward for consideration, please email Doug Sarti at

Award of Achievement
Ray Kingsmith Executive of the Year
Volunteer of the Year
Canadian Curling Hall of Fame
Curling Canada Award of Achievement
2002 – Jake Lynka (volunteer)
2000 – Media and Marketing, Linda Moore
Curling Canada Joan Mead Builder Award
Presented annually to a person who has made significant contribution to the growth and development of women’s curling in Canada.

Past Recipients:

2013 – Andrew Klaver, Scotties photographer
2009 – Linda Bolton
Curling Canada Ray Kingsmith Award
2019 – Terry Vandale
2013 – Dianne Barker
2012 – Wayne Braun
Canadian Curling Sports Hall of Fame
Past Recipients:

2018 – Curler: Christine Jurgenson
2016 – Curlers: Darryl Neighbour and Ina Forrest
2013 – Curler: Sonja Gaudet
2012 – Curler: Pat Sanders
2006 – Builder: Lindsay Sparkes (also as curler in 1988)
2000 – 1964 Lyall Dagg team
1994 – Curler: Pat Ryan
1993 – Curler: Edna Messum
1992 – Builders: Bill Good Sr.
1991 – Curlers: Linda Moore/ Debbie Jones-Walker
1990 – Curler: Dr. James P. (Jim) Armstrong
1988 – Curler: Lindsay Sparkes
1987 – Builder: Ralph S. Boyd
1986 – Builders: Herbert C. (Herb) Millham/Marjorie Kerr/ Marg Cooke/Noreen Delisle
1985 – Curler: Richard D. (Rick) Folk
1979 – Curler: Flora Martin
1978 – Curler: Douglas S. (Buzz) McGibney
1977 – Builders: Walter Hobbs/William E. (Bill) Leaman
1976 – Curler: Ada Calles – Builders: Velma M. Lytle/Muriel Porter/Richard T. (Dick) Tapping/George W. (Bill) Norgan
1975 – Curler: Ina Hansen
1974 – Curlers: Bernie Sparkes/Reg Stone/Roy Stone – Builder: Frank Avery – Inaugural Provincial Association President: J.B. McArthur

Other Awards

Coaches Association of BC
2012 – Bill Tschirhart, International Coach
2007 – Gerry Richard, Coach of the Kelly Scott team
Investors Group
Past Recipients:

2003 – Dianne Barker: National Volunteer Sport Administrator Award
1999 – Al Kersey: Community Volunteer Sport Administrator Award
YWCA Women of Distinction

Live or work in lower mainland
Made significant contribution to society
Several categories including Recreation, Sport and Active Living
Past Recipients:

1999 – Linda Moore
Promotion Plus Leadership Awards

To identify, recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of an individual or group in BC who has challenged the traditional limits attributed to women and girls in physical activity and sport and in so doing has encouraged them to participate more fully in physical activity and sport as participants, competitors and leaders
Past Recipients:

2000 – Kelley Law Team
Canadian Sport Leadership Award
Past Recipients:

2000 – Kelley Law team
Criteria: awarded to an official who has made a significant contribution to sport development in either high performance or developmental sport

Past Recipients:

1999 – Al Kersey: Sport Administrator