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Mask and travel update

November 25, 2020

Curl BC continues to recommend mandatory masks on and off the ice in curling facilities.

Many of you will have seen that the provincial government has now released details of the mask mandate. (See the release here: The order does allow for the removal of masks during physical activity. However, Curl BC believes that, for our sport, the mask mandate should be in place on the ice.

The mask order is designed to bend the curve back down and ensure that our healthcare system does not become overwhelmed. Masks, when used together with physical distancing, are effective in curbing the spread of Covid-19. But that layer of protection only works properly if everyone is wearing a mask. That’s what a mask mandate does.

Scott Braley, Curl BC CEO, said: “We want to thank those curlers in BC who are already wearing masks in support of their club’s mask mandate. We know that at times it isn’t easy. There was a period of adjustment as you got used to your new normal.

“We also want to reach out to the curlers that are worried about how this mandate will affect you. We know there are challenges, especially if you wear glasses, but it should not be a barrier to you participating. We hope that with everyone working together, we can have some sort of normalcy – in our clubs and in our lives – in the near future.”

Please click here for an infographic on wearing masks while curling.

NOTE: Other sports organizations are choosing to allow the removal of masks on their field of play. We recognize that may seem “unfair”. But we also know that we are not any other sport. We only have short periods of high intensity exercise and that makes mask-wearing easier. Right now we have the ability to do everything in our power to protect each other and to keep curling centres open. Curlers act like a family, and families look after each other.

Information on what face coverings are recommended by the federal government is here:


Based on Dr Henry’s statements from Nov. 23, individuals can travel to their own club where they are a member.  So that means, for example, individuals from Vancouver Coastal are able to travel to the Fraser Health authority area for regular league play. Or individuals from Penticton who are members at Summerland Curling Club can travel there to curl. However, travel restrictions for activity such as a bonspiel or competition remain in place in all areas of the province. So for curling, that means not travelling to a club where you are not a member and not travelling with your team.

NOTE: The above travel advice is based on available information and could be subject to change if orders are clarified.

High performance athletes are not included in the order preventing people from travelling for sport. To qualify as a high performance athlete, you must be:

  • Identified by the Canadian Sports Institute Pacific as a high performance athlete affiliated with an accredited provincial or national sports organization
  • Already training in B.C.
  • Continuing to follow the safety guidelines of your provincial sports organization

Any curlers who do not qualify as high performance who do not meet the above criteria cannot travel for sport until after Dec. 7.