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October 30, 2020

Curling centres across BC can access financial resources that will support them through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some of the programs that were launched at the start of the pandemic have been adjusted to meet the current business needs of our communities.

Here is a review of some of those resources:

The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy may get extended to June 2021. It is designed to ensure businesses can continue to pay their employees. You can get a base subsidy for each of your eligible employees. The amount you get per employee is based on your revenue drop. Visit for more information.

The Canada Emergency Bank Account is now worth up to $60,000, up from the initial $40,000.

  • You apply through your financial institution.
  • 50% of the loan would be forgivable if repaid by Dec 31, 2022, so possible that applicants could access up to $30,000 that they won’t have to pay back.
  • Can make loan repayments on principle amount anytime without any financial penalties; full repayment is due Dec 31, 2025, with repayment schedule online.
  • Can be combined with CEWS.
  • Can apply for additional $20,000 if already applied for, and approved for initial $40,000.

Regional Relief and Recovery Fund information is available at

  • Secondary option if cannot qualify for CEBA.
  • More complicated application process than CEBA.
  • 3 regions for BC – Greater Victoria, Greater Vancouver, Rural.
  • There is an online eligibility assessment.

The Province of British Columbia has created a Small + Medium size business recovery grant. Visit

  • Business must have employed between 2 – 149 BC residents, and show a drop in income since March 10, 2020.
  • Must have had a positive cash flow before Covid-19.
  • Must work with an identified professional as part of receiving the grant.
  • Must have accessed other federal financial supports.