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Curl BC Life Members

Life Member:

Nominees must have performed special services to Curl BC and to the sport of curling. They will have served the sport in an outstanding manner, providing services for an extended period of time on a voluntary basis without remuneration.

Honorary Life Member:

Honorary Life Membership is a recognition defined in the Curl BC Constitution available to those individuals who do not qualify for consideration as a Life Member. All other criteria, procedures and privileges apply to the Honorary Life Members as apply to Life Members.

Curl BC Life Members

Curl BC Life Members

Dale Gregory, Port Moody, 2023

Terry Vandale, Elkford, 2017

Pat Cotter, Kamloops, 2015

Gord Judzentis, Terrace, 2014

Jim Mann, Richmond, 2014

Leo Hebert, Vancouver, 2011

Nigel Easton, Langley, 2010

Judie Roberts, Nanaimo, 2007

Wayne Braun, Ferndale, WA, 2006

Rick Cotter, Kamloops, 2006

Phil Leroux, Smithers, 2005

Judy MacKinnon, Terrace, 2005

Steve Wade, Vancouver, 2005

Anne Davidson, Prince George, 2003

Jack Boutilier, Victoria, 2001

Kevin Smale, Prince George, 2001

Janice Mori, Vernon, 2000

Dr. Eric Jamieson, Vancouver, 1999

Curl BC Honorary Life Members

Curl BC Honorary Life Members

Ted Bassett, Royal City, 2020

Rick Cotter, Kamloops, 2006

Al Kersey, Cloverdale, 2014

Kevin Smale, Prince George, 2005

Life Members of PCCA, BCLCA and BCICA

Life Members of PCCA, BCLCA and BCICA

W.H.R Aikman, PCCA

Frank Avery, Vancouver, PCCA, 1971

Ron Avery, Vancouver, PCCA, 2002

Doug Balfour, Vancouver, BCICA, 1998

Doug Balfour, Vancouver, PCCA, 1997

Dianne Barker, Kamloops, BCLCA 2001

Blake Barker, Marpole, PCCA, 1985

Bob Barquest, Richmond, PCCA, 1995

Sil Benedetti, Nelson, BCICA, 1975

Ed Benger, Nelson, BCICA, 1987

Paul Borque, Kamloops, BCICA, 1998

Jack Boutilier, Victoria, PCCA, 1996

Jack Bowman, Victoria, PCCA, 2004

Ralph Boyd, Campbell River, PCCA, 1990

Wayne Braun, Ferndale, WA, PCCA, 2002

Arden Brown, Marpole, PCCA, 1971

Wayne Brown, Qualicum, PCCA, 1999

Gordon Brown, Victoria, PCCA, 2001

Glen Bryant, Prince George, BCICA, 1976

Des Callaghan, Golden Ears, PCCA, 2000

Ada Calles, Kimberley, BCLCA, 1992

Gord Cameron, Surrey, PCCA, 1996

Colin Campbell, Toronto, PCCA, 1971

Lorry Cann, Kaslo, BCICA, 1996

Jack Chernoff, Castlegar, BCICA, 1971

Geoff Clibbett, Cranbrook, BCICA, 2003

Ty Cobb, Vancouver, PCCA, 1987

Alex Coffey, Quesnel, BCICA, 1985

Bud Cooney, Prince George, BCICA, 1974

Jack Cornett, Vancouver, PCCA, 1971

Ken Crowter, North Vancouver, PCCA, 1996

B. Cummings, Cloverdale, PCCA, 1972

Keith Deacon, Vancouver, PCCA, 1971

Noreen Delisle, Prince George, BCLCA, 1986

Max DesBrisay, Kimberley, BCICA, 1965

Diane Doe, Houston, BCLCA, 1999

Shirley Dye, Quesnel, BCLCA, 1986

Inez Eckmeier, Nelson, BCLCA, 1986

Lance Emerson, Trail, BCICA, 1963

Anne Ferrel, Abbotsford, BCLCA 1993

Ed Gee, Osoyoos, BCICA, 2002

Kent Gilchrist, Vancouver, PCCA, 2000

Art Gilker, Nelson, BCICA, 1961

Ted Glover, Vancouver, PCCA, 1980

Bill Good, Vancouver, PCCA, 1984

Bill Good Sr., Vancouver, BCICA, 1998

Jim Gordon, Abbotsford, PCCA, 1994

Helen Gray, Kamloops, BCLCA, 1988

Neil King, Prince George, BCICA, 2004

Ina Hansen, Kimberley, BCLCA, 1994

Warren Hansen, Vancouver, PCCA, 2004

Glen Harper, Duncan, PCCA, 1978

Betty Heck, Salmon Arm, BCLCA, 1998

Walter Hobbs, Kelowna, BCICA, 1965

Clare Hobbs, Vancouver, PCCA, 1996

Art Hogan, Vancouver, PCCA, 1993

Gordon Hooey, Victoria, BCLCA, 1998

Gordon Hooey, Victoria, PCCA, 2003

John Innes, Victoria, PCCA ,1995

Steve Jackson, Cranbrook, BCICA, 1991

Dr. Eric Jamieson, Vancouver, PCCA, 1997

Dennis Jensen, Kaslo, BCICA, 1990

Gord Judzentis, Smithers, BCICA, 1994

Emil Jurista, Kamloops, BCICA, 1977

Marjorie Kerr, Vancouver, BCLCA, 1987

Jack Kershaw, Cranbrook, BCICA, 1988

Phyllis Langman, North Vancouver, BCLCA, 1997

Howie Larke, Vancouver, BCICA, 1998

Howie Larke, Vancouver, PCCA, 1995

Bruce Lawson, Vancouver, PCCA, 1996

Bill Leaman, Trail, BCICA, 1974

Phil Leroux, Smithers, BCICA, 2004

Lyndon Little, Vancouver, PCCA, 2000

Harold Long, Kelowna, BCICA, 1973

Dale Longmuir, Haney, PCCA, 1988

Mark Longworth, Vernon, BCICA, 1995

Wally M’Lot, Surrey, PCCA, 1996

Dan MacNaughton, Capilano, PCCA, 1971

Pearl MacPherson, Richmond, BCLCA, 1987

Don MacRae, Nanaimo, PCCA, 1982

Dan Magnuson, Marpole, PCCA, 1993

Nick Marsh, Kamloops, BCICA, 1969

Dan Martel, Kelowna, BCICA, 1976

Mike Mathews, Prince George, BCICA, 1989

Gary McDevitt, Duncan, PCCA, 1996

Buzz McGibney, Trail, BCICA, 1991

Buzz McGibney, Trail, PCCA, 2004

Elsie McKenzie, White Rock, BCLCA, 1992

Joe McKinnon, Kamloops, BCICA, 1962

John McLean, Vancouver, PCCA, 1994

Ken McLeod, Richmond, PCCA, 1996

Don McQuarrie, Prince George, BCICA, 1992

Don McRae, North Vancouver, PCCA, 1975

Art Meyers, Comox, PCCA, 1996

Herb Millham, Vancouver, PCCA, 1980

David Mio, Terrace, BCICA, 1983

Bob Miscovitch, Prince George, BCICA, 2004

Rae Moir, North Vancouver, BCLCA, 1987

Linda Moore, North Vancouver, BCLCA, 2004

Zel Moore, Esquimalt, BCLCA, 1987

Isabel Morris, New Westminster, BCLCA, 1990

Edd Moyes, Victoria, PCCA, 1995

Ettie O’Connell, Black Creek, PCCA, 2004

Albert Oliver, Mission, PCCA, 1985

Don Palmer, Smithers, BCICA, 1997

Joyce Perry, Victoria, BCLCA, 1986

Nan Phillips, Nanaimo, BCLCA, 2000

Glen Phillips, Nanaimo, PCCA, 1996

Norm Propp, Kamloops, BCICA, 1981

Fred Puetz, Salmon Arm, BCICA, 2000

Rick Pushor, Kelowna, BCICA, 1986

Gordon Pyvis, Chilliwack, PCCA, 1996

Janette Robbins, Vancouver, BCLCA, 1986

Elsie Saunders, West Vancouver, BCLCA, 1987

Ernie Sawatsky, Chilliwack, PCCA, 1999

Jim Schuman, Richmond, PCCA, 2001

Sid Sears, Valley, PCCA, 1991

Pete Sherba, Prince George, BCICA, 1979

Len Shields, Kimberley, BCICA, 1972

Larry Sigurdson, Abbotsford, PCCA, 1996

Rod Skillings, Victoria, PCCA, 2002

Jim Slesinger, Prince George, BCICA 1970

Joyce Smart, Kelowna, BCLCA, 1989

Doug Smithers, Smithers, BCICA, 1968

Murray Soder, Oliver, BCICA, 1993

Ray Squirrell, Mission, PCCA, 1998

Sid Standen, Royal City, PCCA, 1971

Bob Stephenson, Chilliwack, PCCA, 1971

Roy Stevens, Valley, PCCA, 1994

Beryl Stewart, Marpole, BCLCA, 1995

Roy Stone, Trail, BCICA ,1987

Reg Stone, Trail, BCICA, 1987

Jim Tang, Victoria, PCCA, 1986

Gar Taylor, Victoria, PCCA, 1971

Walter Toevs, Summerland, BCICA, 1966

Dick Topping, Oliver, BCICA, 1961

Howie Torrance, Vancouver, PCCA, 1996

Sonny Uri, Cranbrook, BCICA, 1980

Steve Wade, Vancouver, PCCA, 2004

Bill Walker, Victoria, PCCA, 1986

Ken Watson, Richmond, PCCA, 2002

Gord Weber, Vancouver, BCICA, 1998

Gord Weber, Vancouver, PCCA, 1989

Barbara Weir, Kimberley, BCLCA, 1996

Norm Weseen, Vancouver, BCICA, 1989

Ted Wiltshire, Rossland, BCICA, 1978

Art Winstanley, Trail, BCICA, 1982

Al Wood, Victoria, PCCA, 2002

Gary Wright, Duncan, PCCA, 1996

Dr. Doug Yeo, Vancouver, PCCA, 1996

Grant Young, Kamloops, BCICA, 1999

Jim Young, Burnaby, PCCA, 1984