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Game Umpire

Introduction to being a Supervisor at BC Championships

Previously level 2

Become a trained Game Umpire for a BC Championship in your community in a few simple steps:

  1. Access the self training- click here 
  2. Complete and pass the Game Umpire exam
    1. open book exam
    2. must receive a passing grade of 70% or higher
  3. Complete the self taught training form- click here

Become a CERTIFIED Game Umpire

  1. Complete your practical requirement
    1. minimum of 6 games of experience at a BC Championship under the supervision of a Certified level 3/4/5 Chief Umpire.
  2. Submit your completed form – click here
  3. Pay the $25 certification fee- click  here

Visit the officials resources and document form page here

Stay Connected!

Join our officials e-mailout here and stay connected with:

  • Reminders to complete your training
  • Development Opportunities
  • Event Umpire Opportunities
  • Annual updates (changes in processes or rules)

Contact Paul Cseke- for more information