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Driving Force Decks Cashspiel motors into Abbotsford this weekend

October 11, 2022

Get ready for Abbotsford to heat up this weekend as a $13,000 purse will draw the best and scrappiest curlers from all over to compete at the Driving Force Decks Cashpiel.

Running from October 14-16 at the Abbotsford Curling Club, the cashspiel will feature ten women’s teams and sixteen men’s teams from Canada, the United States, Korea, and Japan facing off in a round-robin pools format. Both men’s and women’s semi-finals will take place at noon on Sunday, followed by the final championship games at 3:00pm.

During the course of the event, all games will be eight ends, with tie-breakers played on Saturday night at 6:00 and/or 9:00pm. The top eight men’s teams with qualify for the playoffs, the top team in each women’s pool will receive the 1st and 2nd seeds and a bye to the semi-finals at 10am Sunday. The finals will follow at 2:00pm on Sunday.

For those interested in watching the games in person, the club’s café will be open through the weekend, there will be multiple 50/50 draws, and Elvis will be in the building providing entertainment from 7:30-to10:00pm on Saturday night, with no cover charge.

Draw schedules and results for both the men’s and women’s events can be found at the following links:



Team Kaila Buchy (Kelowna, BC)—skip Kaila Buchy; third Katelyn McGillivray; second Jaelyn Cotter; lead Hannah Linder

Team Sheilla Cowan (New Westminster, BC)—skip Sheilla Cowan; third Sandra Comadina; second Stephanie Whittaker-Kask; lead Christine Matthews

Team Diane Gushulak (Vernon, BC)—skip Diane Gushulak; fourth Brette Richards; third Blaine DeJager; second Alyssa Kyllo; lead Grace MacInnes

Team Shawna Jensen (Vancouver, BC)—skip Shawna Jensen, third Layna Pohlod; second Sarah Wong. Lead Amanda Wong

Team Ikue Kitazawa (Nagano, Japan)—skip Ikue Kitazawa, third Seina Nakajima; second Minori Suzuki; Hasumi Ishigooka

Team Mychaluk (Langley, BC)—skip Donna Mychaluk; third Victoria Murphy; second Shirley Wong; lead Jaent Suter

Team Taylor Reese-Hansen (Victoria, BC)—skip Taylor Reese-Hansen; third Megan McGillivray; second Cierra Fisher; Lead Sydney Britz; fifth Dailene Pewarchuk

Team Kristen Ryan (Maple Ridge, BC)—skip Kristen Ryan; third Megan Daniels; second Kirsten Fox; lead Dawn Messana

Team Sarah Wark (Abbotsford, BC)—skip Sarah Wark; third Kristen Pilote; second Karla Thompson; lead Amanda Brennan

Team Bryelle Wong (Vancouver)—skip Bryelle Wong; third Morgan Bowles; Second Alexis Nguyen; lead: Erin Fitzgibbon



Team Shinya Abe (Sapporo, Japan)—Skip Shinya Abe; fourth Tetsuro Shimizu; third Haruto Ouchi; second Minori Suzuki; lead: Sota Tsuruga

Team Nicholas Connolly (Seattle, WA)—skip Nicholas Connolly; third Evan Workin; second Chris Bond; lead Nathan Perry

Team Paul Cseke (Victoria, BC)—skip Paul Cseke; third Corey Chester; second Jay Wakefield; Lead Ty Russell

Team Cameron de Jong (Penticton, BC)—skip Cameron de Jong; third Matt Tolley; second Erik Colwell; lead John Slattery

Team Jacques Gauthier (Victoria, BC)—skip Jacques Gauthier; third Sterling Middleton, second Jason Ginter; lead Alex Horvath

Team Sean Geall (New Westminster, BC)—skip Sean Geall; Third Brad Wood; second Mitchell Kopytko; lead Darin Gerow

Team Yeongseok Jeong (Gangwon, Korea) skip Yeongseck Joeng, third Jongduk Park, second Seunghoon Oh, Lead Jihoon Seong

Team Bob Leclair (Scottsdale, AZ)—skip Bob Leclair, third Fred Maxie; second Jeff Bair; lead Tom Danielson

Team Matthew McCrady (New Westminster, BC)—skip Matthew McCrady; third Thomas Love; second Brayden Carpenter, lead Danile Dabiri

Team Chris Medford (Kimberley, BC)—skip Chris Medford; third Steve Tersmette; second Mitch Young; lead Blair Jarvis

Team Brent Pierce (Kelowna, BC)—skip Brent Pierce; third Jeff Richard; Second Jared Kolomaya; lead Nicholas Meister

Team Sebastien Robillard (Port Coquitlam, BC)—skip Sebastien Robillard; third Daniel Wenzek; second Richard Krell; lead Nathan Small

Team Randie Shen (Chinese Taipei)—skip Randie Shen; third Nicholas Hsu; second Ken Hsu; lead Henry Cheng

Team Darryl Sobering (Denver, CO)—skip Darryl Sobering; third Alec Celecki; second D.J. Johnson; lead Josh Chetwynd

Team Cody Tanaka (New Westmister, BC)—skip Cody Tanaka; third Josh Miki; second Nicholas Umbach; lead Connor Kent.

Team Riku Yanagisawa (Raruizawa. Japan)—skip Riku Yanagisawa; third Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi; second Takeru Yamamoto; lead Satoshi Koizumi


This event is funded, or funded in part, by viaSport BC and the Province of British Columbia.