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Curling Ice Technician Course & Certification

2.5 Day Course

Curling Centre Ice Technician Pathway

The Curling Ice Technicians Program is intended for those who are looking for a career in ice making. They will learn the skills of installing, maintaining, and removing ice in a dedicated curling facility for all curling events and activities. At the completion of this course the participants will be considered “Curing Ice Technician- TRAINED” status.

Course Pre-requisites, must have at least ONE of the following.

  • Trained Club Ice Technician Assistant
  • World Curling Federation- Introduction to Curling Ice Maintenance online course
  • 12 months working in a curling facilitiy under the supervision of a Certified Curling Ice Technician
  • Former Curling Canada Level 1 Ice Technician Course
  • Former Facility Operator Assitant Training

Expect to Learn:

  • Floors and Draining
  • Spraying and Flooding
  • Painting
  • Taping
  • Ice Equipment
  • Play Equipment
  • Rocks
  • Pebbling and Water Quality

Fees (per person):

  • Curl BC Member $500.00+GST
    • Use discount code BCICETECH
  • Non-Curl BC Member $800.00 + GST

2023-2024 COURSES

Future steps to become CERTIFIED Curling Ice Technician

Now that you’re a TRAINED Curling Ice Technician you are 3 steps away from certification.

Want to host a course at your facility?

Curl BC Member Facilities can request to host the Assistant Ice Technician or the Curling Ice Technician courses

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