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Curl BC joins new ranking system

August 24, 2020

Canada’s three Western provincial curling associations have collaborated on the development of a Provincial Team Ranking System (PTRS) to address the need of competitive curlers across Canada.

The move is in response to the announcement on July 23rd that the system that ranks Canada’s top men’s and women’s four-player teams (CTRS) has been suspended until Oct. 31. On Sept. 21 CTRS points were further suspended until Nov. 30. The suspensions are due to travel restrictions and uncertainty as a result of Covid-19.

The PTRS is a simple point based ranking system to rank Canadian men and women’s curling teams. The rankings are determined through the money earned in various curling events held in any province that has endorsed the PTRS in the 2020 season. The system is designed in absence of the Canadian Team Ranking System. The intention is to provide a fair and simple ranking of teams, which may be used for qualification for the respective provincial championships. It is our intention that PTRS will be a temporary measure until the Canadian Team Ranking System can be reinstated nationally.

The rankings are determined through the money earned in various curling events held in Canada throughout the fall 2020 season.

Events must follow local health authorities’ regulations and align with the Curling Canada or Member Association’s Return to play guidelines to ensure events are safe for participants.

“In a challenging environment, we are proud of the swift actions and strong collaboration of the three western Member Associations, to create a revised ranking system to address the needs of bonspiel organizers and athletes. We know that there is no perfect solution, and our working group is pleased to present a solution to meet the needs of our athletes in the four western provinces,” said Scott Braley, CEO of Curl BC.

More details on the Provincial Team Ranking system can be found here.