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Curl BC awarded Sport Information Resource Centre Safety Grant

July 20, 2021

Curl BC is very proud to be the recipient of a Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) Community Activation Grant. Along with 24 other sport organizations across the nation (including the Ontario Curling Council), Curl BC received the award to help focus on the awareness of concussions and safe sport.

“Safety is a priority and Canada is taking a leadership role,” said Debra Gassewitz, SIRC president and CEO. “Every single one of us is responsible for safe sport: be it the athlete; the coach; the guide; the administrator; the volunteer; anybody watching; even the spectators in the crowds. We all need to be watching out for everyone.”

The education and awareness of both concussion and maltreatment are supported by the Government of Canada. Grant recipients will bring their own unique plans and strategies to life this summer, as they mobilize resources to support safer sport environments.