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Member Facility Access to Governance Essentials

We are committed to supporting the development of our member facility board members to foster confidence and bring the positive impact of sport to their community. For the 2022-23 season member facilities can request  access the Governance Essentials Course for their board members. Curl BC will subsidize the cost for all individuals who complete the course, proof of completion is required. Any unused licenses will result in a $30 charge per license by Curl BC to the member facility in March 2023.

Request licenses for your board here

Governance Essentials

Directors can be passionate advocates for the sport organizations they serve. These volunteers and their leadership represent a great hope for sport in Canada that is fair, safe, accessible and inclusive.

Exercising that leadership is not always easy. Boards require Directors who are informed, committed, and have the competencies required to help the organization fulfil its mission. The landscape of sport in Canada is more complex than ever, making it difficult for Directors to acquire the information and skills they need. Directors face constant changes, shifting stakeholder expectations, and may not have the time or experience required to fulfil their fiduciary responsibilities, and as a result, their organization may be exposed to unnecessary risk.

When Directors are equipped with relevant information and practical tips about sport governance, they have the power to foster confidence and bring the positive impact of sport to individuals and communities.

This is a comprehensive, interactive e-learning course that centres the learner’s values, prior knowledge, and experience to create personalized learning outcomes and intentions for their tenure as a Director

Download the 2 page info sheet click here  or watch the video below