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AGM invite

May 21, 2021

We are looking forward to hosting member curling clubs at our virtual AGM on June 12 at 1pm.

We encourage all our members to register for the AGM at this link:

If you are the president of the club we encourage you to register to vote here. If you are a club president and you cannot attend, we ask that you fill out the form and arrange for someone else to vote on your club’s behalf.

Voting rules for AGM
1. Only voting delegates can vote (one person from each club).
2. The chair of the meeting will call for a vote. If you do not object, your vote will be counted as in favour.
3. If you’d like to vote against a motion or abstain from voting, you will be asked to write it in the chat or unmute yourself if you’re on the phone.
4. The chair will let members know if a motion has passed or not.

In addition to regular business matters, the meeting will include the chance to vote on changes to Curl BC’s bylaws.

The changes are outlined in the linked documents below.

In summary the bylaw changes will:

1. Rename Curl BC’s administrative regions from 11 Regions to 8 Zones.

  • Regional/Zone will now be Zone
  • No changes needed for competition

 2. Change the election process for the Board of Governors

  • Clearly defined election process with required gender representation with all Zones still represented
  • Elections only held at the Meeting of the Members (Annual General Meeting)
  • Clearly defined nomination process for all Governors
  • Terms change from two to three years with a maximum of six consecutive years.
  • More well defined and appropriate provisions for Removal of Governor, when necessary.

3. Regional Representatives and committees will be discontinued and removed from Bylaws

  • Regional Representatives and Committees will decide for themselves how to spend any remaining regional money before officially disbanding
  • Regional meetings will still be held via Zoom twice per season, but they will be led by Curl BC and will be called Zone meetings

Links to proposed bylaw change documents:

We can also report that two people have agreed to put their name forward for the two Governor at Large positions. As there are two names and only two Governor at Large positions available a vote will not be needed.

The nominated candidates are Keith Switzer of Vancouver, one of the current Curl BC Vice Chairs who is standing for re-election, and Andrew Benson of Cranbrook.

Switzer is a keen competitive curler and former BC Mixed champion. He is retired from his career with BC Hydro and curls at Vancouver Curling Club.

Benson is a Data Specialist who works for Canada Energy Regulator. He is also a competitive curler from Cranbrook Curling Club who honed his skills at Calgary Curling Club.

Switzer and Benson will be elected by acclamation at the AGM.

If anyone has any questions about the AGM please contact Lindsay Shannon at