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2024 BC Winter Games – Wrap-up

February 27, 2024

Hosted at the Quesnel Curling Centre, the Lhtako Quesnel 2024 BC Winter Games curling competitions was held successfully from February 22-25.

Over 100 curlers, coaches, adult supervisors and officials represented the 8 zones in this bi-annual celebration of BC winter sports. This year’s coach mentorship program was led by Barb Zbeetnoff and Logan Miron, who provided development opportunities and support in the lead up and during the Games. The officiating mentorship program brought together officials from across BC who want to progress towards their level 3 status and was led by Vonda Hofferd.

Day 1 started with the usual pre-competition practice and was followed up by an introduction to the triples format as an ice-breaker for all of the participants to meet different teams from across the province. Day 2 saw the traditional pool play format where the 8 zone teams were split into 2 pools, for both the Male and Female categories. Our athletes had the evening off to participate in the social event hosted by the BC Games society which included a glow in the dark pool party, Nerf Gun room, Lego room, and a video games truck. Day 3 set the stage for the medal events. The top 2 teams in each pool would move on to the Female and Male team medal games, and the remaining teams would enter the new Singles’ competition with gold, silver, and bronze medals on the line.

After 2 rounds of Singles’ competition Danielle Monteith, skip of the Team Monteith (from Zone 2 – Thompson-Okanagan, but represented zone 7), and Brody Kerkhoven, second of the Team Robinson (Zone 1 – Kootenays), won the respective gold medals for the Female and Male Singles Championships.

In the Female Championship, Team Jones (Zone 2 – Thompson-Okanagan) were the only unbeaten team in the round-robin and topped Pool A. However, it was the second-seeded teams from the round-robin who rose from the Semi-Final. In the Final, Team Yoo (Zone 4 – Fraser River) defeated Team Brown-John (Zone 8 – Cariboo-North East) 5-3 to win the gold medals. Team Jones took home the bronze medals.

In the Male Championship, both Team Jaegar (Zone 2 – Thompson-Okanagan) and Team White (Zone 6 – Vancouver Island-Central Coast) managed to win all of their 3 pool games and went through the semi-finals. In the Final, Team Jaegar beat Team White with a convincing score of 7-3 to win gold and remained undefeated in the week. Team Dhaliwal (Zone 5 – Vancouver Coastal) were the bronze medal winners.

Congratulations to all of the following medalists:

Lhtako Quesnel 2024 BC Winter Games Curling Championships

Girls’ – Gold: Team Yoo (Zone 4 – Fraser River)
(Skip – Jeanne Yoo, Third – Betty Parkinson, Second – Emilia Cho, Lead – Lily Neumann, Coach – Ken Krause)

Girls’ – Silver: Team Brown-John (Zone 8 – Cariboo-North East)
(Skip – Talana Brown-John, Third – Kelsey Camille, Second – Joey Webb, Lead – Lexi Shymanski, Fifth – Chloe Kenzle, Coach – Wendee Copeland)

Girls’ – Bronze: Team Jones (Zone 2 – Thompson-Okanagan)
(Skip – Gwyneth Jones, Third – Jacey Hallstrom, Second – Ella Walker, Lead – Teagan Le Poole, Coach – Brian Lyall)

Boys’ – Gold: Team Jaegar (Zone 2 – Thompson-Okanagan)
(Skip – Owen Jaeger, Third – Spenser Rempel, Second – Noah Wielgosz, Lead – Brenden Hruschak, Coach – Tyler Jaeger)

Boys’ – Silver: Team White (Zone 6 – Vancouver Island-Central Coast)
(Skip – Nicholas White, Third – Presley Crerar, Second – Liam Shelin, Lead – Xen Bowler, Fifth – Roy Peters, Coach – Lana Riva-Crerar)

Boys’ – Bronze: Team Dhaliwal (Zone 5 – Vancouver Coastal)
(Skip – Brody Dhaliwal, Third – Sean Brennan, Second – Jericho Bond, Lead – Aldan Wong, Coach – Suzanne Malfair)

Girls’ Singles – Gold: Danielle Monteith (representing Zone 2– Thompson-Okanagan)

Girls’ Singles – Silver: Jaeda White (Zone 4 – Fraser River)

Girls’ Singles – Bronze: Juli Andrews (Zone 3 – Fraser Valley) & Sophie Kuhl (Zone 6 – Vancouver Island-Central Coast)

Boys’ Singles – Gold: Brody Kerkhoven (Zone 1 – Kootenays)

Boys’ Singles – Silver: Damian Fischer (Zone 1- Kootenays)

Boys’ Singles – Bronze: Jake Pighin & Mason Hunt (Zone 4 – Fraser River)

Congratulations to the following award winners:

Sportsmanship Award (Girls’) – Danielle Monteith (Zone 2- Thompson-Okanagan)
Sportsmanship Award (Boys’) – Brayden Tyrrell (Zone 8 – Cariboo-North East)

Curl BC would like to thank the Organizing Committee, Quesnel Curling Centre, BC Games Society, Province of BC, all the local sponsors, volunteers, coaches and athletes for the support and effort that made these Winter Games a success. Special mentions go to our Sport Chair Blair Hedden who did an amazing job leading the Quesnel team, and to Dayne Gagnon who came up to support Dave Plant in providing the fantastic playing conditions!

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