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2023 BC Open and Women’s Stick Curling Championships Day 1 Recap

February 17, 2023

The next stop for competitive curling in BC kicked off bright and early in Armstrong, BC today for the 2023 BC Open and Women’s Stick Curling Championships. This event features a triple knockout style of competition. This week’s champions will head off to Nanaimo, BC for the 2023 Canadian Stick Curling Championships from March 30 – April 2, 2023.

In Draw 1, the open division of the competition kicked off. Team Fowler/Heinrichs (Armstrong) and Team Smith/Pieper (Armstrong) met in a hometown matchup. When the rocks settled, Team Fowler/Heinrichs was on top and will continue on in the A bracket. On the sheet right next to them, Team Maurer/Graf (Salmon Arm) sought to open their week with a win, but Team Konrad/Criss (Armstrong) would not make it easy. At the end of the game, Team Konrod/Criss posted their first win of the event and their opposition, Team Maurer/Graf will now play in the B bracket.

Team Fowler/Heinrichs will move on in the A-Event to take on Team Konrad/Criss] at 1:00pm this afternoon. Team Smith/Pieper fall to the B-Event along with Team Maurer/Graf who played in Draw 3 at 12:00pm.

The women’s event kicked off at 9:00AM in Draw 2 , Team Jeffrey/Palmer (Kelowna) stepped on the ice to face Team Mclaughlin/Mouncey (Armstrong). The local team looked to use their home ice advantage, and were successful, winning the game by a score of 8-1.

Team Mclaughlin/Mouncey moved on to face Team Knopp/Tattersall (Enderby) at 11:00am.

Next to them on sheet 2 was last year’s champion, Team Campbell/Hughes (Kelowna) taking on their clubmates Team Radcliffe/Richard (Kelowna). In this battle of Kelowna, Team Radcliffe/Richard grabbed the win by a score of 10-1, surprising the 2022 BC Women’s Stick Champions.

Last but not least in this women’s division opening draw were Team Burton/Saul-Fowler (Armstrong) and Team Heinrichs/Anderson (Armstrong). Team Burton/Saul-Fowler hit their stride this morning and won 6-2

Team Heinrichs/Anderson] met with Team Campbell/Hughes in the B-Event at 11:00am this morning with the defending champions Campbell/Hughes bouncing back defeating Heinrichs and Anderson 6-3.

For Draw 3 it was back over to the open division of this combined championship with two games on the ice.

Team Prokopetz/Wejr (Vernon) played their first game against hometown Team Campbell/Sears (Armstrong). Team Prokopetz/Weir earned their spot in the next round of the A-Event by a score of 3-1 in a defensive match up. They will meet up with 2022 champions, Team Mould/Shalansky (Prince George) at 3:00pm this afternoon.

The other game on the ice was Team Smith/Pieper versus Team Maurer/Graf. Both teams looked to rebound from an opening loss. Team Smith/Pieper pushed through to stay alive in the B-Event and will play their next game at 9:00am tomorrow morning. Team Maurer/Graf will go down to a must-win situation in the C-Event. They will play their next game at 11:00am tomorrow morning.

Three more women’s games were back on the ice in Draw 4 this afternoon at the Armstrong Curling Club.

Team Farynuk/Zarowny (Enderby) and Team Sears/Heinrichs (Armstrong) stepped on the ice for their first game of the weekend. Team Farynuk/Zarowny showed their skill to open the competition with a win,7-4

With a win already on the board, Team Mclaughlin/Mouncey] wanted to keep it going against Team Knopp/Tattersall (Enderby), who were coming into their first game. Team Mclaughlin/Mouncey won 9-1 to move on in the A-Event.

Team Farynuk/Zarowny faced Team Mclaughlin/Mouncey at 2:00pm this afternoon in the A event semi while Team Burton/Saul-Fowler battled Team Richard/Radcliffe in the other A Semi.

Team Sears/Heinrichs] dropped to the B-Event to face Team Jeffrey/Palmer, also played 2:00pm this afternoon.

Prior to the 2:00PM draw, the competitors came together for a homemade soup and sandwich luncheon hosted by the volunteers at the Armstrong Curling Club that included a brownie with vanilla ice cream!

It was a quieter rink in Draw 5 with only one game on the ice from the open division at the 2023 BC Open and Women’s Stick Curling Championships in Armstrong, BC. However, there was no lack of great curling.

Team Winner Fowler/Heinrichs wanted to keep the momentum going from this morning, but Team Konrad/Criss] had the same thing in mind. In this first draw of the afternoon, Team Fowler/Heinrichs bought themselves a ticket to the A-Qualifier game by a score of 4-1. That game is at 9:00am tomorrow morning. They await their opponent. Team Konrad/Criss drops to the B-Event to play against Team Prokopetz/Wejr at 3:00pm this afternoon.

In Draw 6 Team Burton/Saul-Fowler played Team Radcliffe/Richard in their next A-Event game and Team Mclaughlin/Mouncey met with Team Ferynuk/Zaroway in the other A semi.

One B-Event game was also underway in this draw with Team Jeffrey/Palmer facing off against Team Sears/Heinrichs. Both teams had the chance to get their first win of the tournament. Team [Winner] sealed the winning deal with a score of [score]. They will meet Team Heinrich/Anderson tomorrow at 8:00am in their next B-Event game.

Draw 6 saw the conclusion of Day 1 for the women’s division at the 2023 BC Open and Women’s Stick Curling Championships.

Both A-Event semifinals were on the ice this afternoon. In the first, Team Burton/Saul-Fowler met with Team [Radcliffe/Richards. In a great match, Team Burton/Saul-Fowler snatched the first spot in the A-Qualifier game by a score of 5-1

Team Mclaughlin/Mouncey and Team Farynuk/Zarowny were after the last spot in the A-Qualifier game. Team Farynuk/Zarowny pulled out the win 4-2.

The A-Qualifier game takes place at 10:00am tomorrow morning.

The final game on the ice was a B-Event game between Team Jeffrey/Palmer and Team Sears/Heinrichs. Team Jeffrey/Palmer took the opportunity to get their first win of the event and moved on in the B-Event. They will face Team Mclaughlun/Mouncey in their next game at 8:00am tomorrow morning. The winner of that game will face Team Radcliffe/Richard at 1:00pm tomorrow afternoon.

Draw 7 saw the close of Day 1 at the 2023 BC Open and Women’s Stick Curling Championships in Armstrong, BC. Teams in the open division hit the ice one more time.

Two games were on the ice, including the 2023 debut of the defending champions, Team Mould/Shalansky (Prince George). They opened their competition against Team Campbell/Sears]. In a fast-paced game, Team  Mould/Shalanky put themselves in the A-Qualifier at 9:00am tomorrow morning against . Team Campbell/Sears drops to the B-Event and will also play at 9:00am tomorrow morning against the winner of Team Smith/Pieper

The second game on the ice featured Team Prokopetz/Wejr versus Team Konrad/Criss. Team Propkopetz/Wejr were looking for their first win while Team Konrad/Criss already had one under their belts. Team Prokopetz/Wejr pushed through to stay in the B-Event, , and will play at 11:00am tomorrow morning. Team Konrad/Criss drops into a C-Event game against Team Maurer/Graf, also at 11:00am tomorrow morning.

Watch the games live online at

Thank you to our Chief Umpire Ted Anderson and Deputy Chief Umpire David Walker for overseeing the field of play and volunteering your time to ensure this event is a success.

Also, a big shout out to Steve Gunner and his team of volunteers who have ensured the facility and ice surface is in competition shape for this BC Championship.

Curling Fans are encouraged to pop by the facility Saturday or Sunday to catch the action live. The schedule can be found here: