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2023 BC Men’s and Women’s Curling Club championships, presented by Original 16 Championships—Day 4

April 01, 2023

The first three-draw day has helped to shape up the playoff picture even more at the 2023 BC Men’s and Women’s Curling Club Championships at the Abbotsford Curling Club.

Two games were on the ice in the morning draw, both being men’s B-Event matches. Team Johnston (Royal City) came into this game after a loss in the A-Qualifier game, while Team Wright (Kelowna) was coming off a solid win. Team Johnston picked up their scoring pace during the second half of the game to win the match 9-3.

In the other morning game, Team Komlodi (Victoria) took on Team Guignard (Vancouver). Team Komlodi had the lead headed into the break, but a steal of three by Team Guignard propelled them to a 9-6 win.

In the second draw of the day, more men’s games were on the ice but this time from the C-Event where each game was a must-win.

Team Watson (Chilliwack) and Team Gagnon (Abbotsford) got into a battle of the Fraser Valley. Team Watson would steal their way to an 8-0 victory after a first end hammer conversion.

Team Gomes (Richmond) and Team Small (Nelson) played each other for the second time in this championship, with Team Small taking the win the first time around. However, Team Gomes was able to redeem themselves in this rematch, taking the win 11-4.

Team Frycz (Langley) and Team Masuch (Mission) were both looking for their first win of the competition. Team Frycz had a strong opening to the game scoring four points with hammer in the first end, followed by a steal of three in the second end. This led to the team from Langley securing a 9-2 win.

The second draw of the day also saw a couple more women’s games on the ice from the A- and B- Events.

In the A-Event, Team Sauer (Abbotsford) was ready for their opening match against Team Sandwith-Craig (Duncan). It was all tied up after six ends, but a big score of four by Team Sandwith-Craig to make it 7-3 was enough to get them the win.

In the B-Event, Team Hannah (Golden Ears) and Team Winters (Nelson) had a back-and-forth game. Team Hannah stole four points in the second end, but Team Winters responded with a four of their own later in the game. The game was all tied up headed into the last end, but Team Hannah was able to use the hammer to score the single they needed to win the game 8-7.

More playoff spots were filled in the evening draw on both the women’s and men’s sides of the competition.

Team Sandwith-Craig was in the A-Qualifier game against Team Shantz (Qualicum). In a close match, it came down to the last end where Team Sandwith-Craig would lock up the top playoff qualifier spot with a 7-6 win.

In the other women’s game, Team Sauer and Team Hannah met in the B-Event. Team Sauer just missed their last hit, allowing Team Hannah to steal the win 7-5.

On the men’s side, Team Johnston had a second chance to qualify for playoffs through the B-Event, but Team Guignard was looking for their chance to get into the Page 1v2 game as well. Team Guignard owned this game from the early stages, opening their scoring with four points. They would go on to win 7-3 and qualify for playoffs.

The remaining games on the men’s side were from the C-Event, with the open spots on the bracket becoming fewer.

The match between Team Frycz and Team Komlodi was a game full of steals for the team from Victoria. Team Komlodi would move on to the C-Qualifier game taking place tomorrow morning, 6-2.

Team Watson and Team Wright had a game that kept fans on the edge of their seats. With Team Watson forced in the seventh end, Team Wright was able to set up a 4-3 win in the last end. They will play Team Komlodi in their C-Qualifier game.

Metro Vancouver teams, Team Guanzon and Team Gomes, were both hoping to make it to the next game in the C-Event. Team Guanzon was able to close out the game with a couple of steals, taking the win 7-3. Team Guanzon will play Team Johnston in their C-Qualifier game.

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This event is supported in part by grants from the Province of British Columbia and Hosting BC.