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2023 AMJ Campbell BC Mixed Curling Championships Day 3 Recap

March 03, 2023

It was time to determine the A-Final teams this morning at the 2023 AMJ Campbell BC Mixed Curling Championships at the Penticton Curling Club.

In the first A-semi, Team Craig (Victoria, Duncan) took on some familiar faces with Team de Jong (Victoria). This game, filled with perennial men’s, women’s and mixed doubles provincials athletes, was a great one to watch. Team de Jong pulled out the win, 7-5.

The second A-semi was also filled with some notable faces from other provincial championships with Team Tanaka (Richmond, Royal City) and Team Robillard (Royal City, Abbotsford, Nelson) hitting the ice. The ice favored Team Robillard featuring ¾’s of his 2021 AMJ BC Mixed Doubles champions this morning, who won 8-5

Team Robillard and Team de Jong then played in the A-Qualifier game this afternoon at 2:00pm.

From the B-Event, Team Tolley (Penticton) took on Team Buchy (Kimberley). Team Buchy kept themselves moving forward in the B-Event by a score of 5-3. They will face Team Craig at 2:00pm this afternoon.

Team Pierce (Royal City, Winfield) was looking for their first win of the event against Team Tersmette (Kimberley, Cranbrook, Campbell River). Team Pierce prevented their fall to the C-Event with a win and collide with Team Tanaka at 2:00pm today.

The B-Event was a busy one with Team Lang (Vancouver, Richmond) coming off a tight win last night to face Team Feeney (Penticton). Team Feeney avoided the C-Event grind with a 7-6 win.

The last game on the ice, also from the B-Event, was between Team Bartlett (Grand Forks, Victoria) and Team Pohlod (Royal City, Tunnel Town). Team Pohlod had a great game, leading to a 8-5 win.

Team Feeney will face Team Pohlod at 2:00pm today.

Team Tolley will play Team  Lang at 6:00pm tonight in a must-win game.

Team Bartlett will meet Team Cseke (Kelowna) in a must-win game at 2:00pm today.

2023 AMJ Campbell BC Mixed Curling Championships Draw 4 Recap

Draw 4 was a significant one at the 2023 AMJ Campbell BC Mixed Curling Championship. It saw the first qualifier for the playoffs, as well as the first team to exit the TKO format.

In the A-Qualifier game, Team de Jong] faced off against Team Robillard]. It was a close game, as one would expect from two undefeated teams. When the rocks settled, Team Robillard locked up their spot in the page playoffs by a score of 6-5. The Page 1v2 game takes place tomorrow evenings at 6:00pm. Team Robillard will practice prior to the 10:00AM draw.

Three games from the B-Event took place this draw, with the first being between Team Buchy] and Team Craig. Team Craig won this matchup 6-4.

In the next B-Event game, Team Pierce met with Team Tanaka. Team Tanaka showed they were ready to keep on moving through the B-Event by a score of 6-2 over the veteran Pierce team.

Team Craig will play Team Tanaka in one of the B-semis next draw at 6:00pm.

Team Buchy will fall to the C-Event to face fellow Kootenay zone representatives Team Tersmette.

In the last B-Event game on the ice this draw, Team Feeney found themselves against Team Pohlod. Team Pohlod earned their spot in the B-semi, with a final score of 8-5. Team Pohlod will face Team de Jong at 6:00pm tonight in the next draw.

The final game on the ice was a must-win for both teams, with the loser’s run to the championship ending here. Team Cseke (Kelowna) and Team Bartlett were both looking for their first wins to, hopefully, get the momentum going. Team Cseke was the one to get the 6-4 win. They’ll face Team Pierce in the next C-Event game at 6:00pm tonight.

2023 AMJ Campbell BC Mixed Curling Championships Draw 5 Recap

With the A-Event complete, the B- and C- Events slid on at Penticton Curling Club.

In the first B-semi, Team Craig and Team Tanaka took to the ice to get themselves a spot in the B-Qualifier game. The defending champions, Team Craig earned their spot with a 7-6 win that required Team Craig to draw the button in an extra end.

The second B-semi featured Team de Jong and Team Pohlod. Team de Jong successfully grabbed the second spot in the B-Qualifier game with a score of 8-5 that also required an extra end to seal the deal

Spectators in Penticton and Fans on Curl BC TV, Curl BC’s Youtube Channel were treated to an evening of exciting action.

The B-Qualifier game will be played at 10:00am tomorrow morning.

Three C-Event games were in progress during this draw. With a lot of big names on the ice in these elimination games, the intensity was high.

Team Tolley and Team Lang knew what was at stake. The game would go in favor of Team Tolley, with a score. Team Tolley will face Team Tanaka tomorrow morning at 10:00am.

Team Pierce were looking to stay alive against Team Cseke. Team Cseke would slot themselves into a C-semi against Team Pohlod tomorrow morning at 10:00am.

Team Tersmette and Team Buchy was the final game on the ice. Team Buchy got a big 6-5 win, to continue their run to the BC title against Team Feeney tomorrow morning at 10:00am.

Watch the games live online at or follow the scores here.