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Two membership options in 2017-18

Curling Canada has developed a program that has been designed to help clubs manage their registration, as well as collect league fees and deduct Curl BC and Curling Canada fees all at once.

The program is called Curling Inside/Outside (Curling I/O). It is scheduled to be rolled out in May.

The simplest way to describe the program is that it is a website that curling centres can use so that their curlers can sign up for leagues and other events like bonspiels as well as pay fees in one spot. The website is designed to be able to handle the varied ways that curling centres manage their registration.

This information is then stored in a secure database which the curling centre can then access for their centre’s business.  The fees then automatically go to the club (whatever they charge for league play etc) and to Curl BC ($15) and to Curling Canada ($2).

Curling Canada’s $2 per curler individual membership fee replaces a club fee that was previously collected from Curl BC based on the number of sheets a curling facility used.

The existing per-sheet system has had an abundance of problems, not the least of which is that it is inconsistent with Sport Canada’s requirements for a National Sports Organization, and it makes Curling Canada one of the very few, if not ONLY, National Sports Organization that does not collect individual member data.

So, those are Curling Canada and Curl BC’s reasons for needing to switch to the individual membership fee. But the benefits to your clubs are just as important as we continue to work together to build our great game.

For instance:

  • Under the existing system, Curl BC members have no way of seeing how the money they pay is being divided. The new system will show how their club fees are split between Curling Canada, Curl BC and elsewhere. It will be a transparent transaction.


  • When curlers register, their information is secure. Full stop. Firewalls will be in place to ensure that individual curler information remains within their curling club and goes no further. But the general data — the key information that shows demographic trends in age, ethnicity, rate of participation — will be used by us and our government funding partners to plan around, as well as for, those trends, to make sure curling continues to grow at a healthy pace.


  • While the way a fee is collected will change, your club will continue to receive the same benefits from Curl BC and Curling Canada, supporting club and membership development, technical and coaching resources, national marketing of the sport and the highly successful Season of Champions television product.


And please don’t forget one key fact: We have worked with Curling Canada to keep our national membership fees low. They are currently the lowest national membership fees in Canada.

The Curling I/O program has a lot of potential and Curl BC would like to encourage clubs to use it. However, we are aware that it may not be practical for all clubs to switch to this new system in 2017-18.

Therefore, the Curl BC Board has agreed that, beginning in 2017-18, BC curling clubs will have two options for affiliating with Curl BC and Curling Canada.

Option 1 – Club processes all of its curlers through Curling I/O – Curling Registration & Management System

  • Individual curlers at these clubs will have the following amounts deducted at source when they register:

o   $15 to Curl BC ($8 for curlers in introductory 8-10 week programs)

o   $2 to Curling Canada

  • These clubs will not have to pay a separate membership fee to Curl BC.
  • Individuals will only have to pay Curl BC/Curling Canada fees once even if they play at more than one club.


Option 2 – Club assessed based on its 2017-18 registrations #s (no longer based on previous year)

  • The fee for these clubs will be based on their current year’s registration as follows:

o   # of regular curlers * $15

o   # of introductory curlers * $8

  • This fee will have to be paid in two installments as follows:

o   By Dec. 1st: 80% based on the club’s previous year’s (2016/17) registration numbers

o   By Feb. 15: Net difference of total fee for the 2017/18 membership year less December’s first installment

Curling Canada’s goal is to have all facilities adopt Curling I/O by the 2018-19 curling season. More details about the system will be released when the program is officially rolled out.

For facilities choosing Option 2, the Affiliation and Reporting Page contains sample forms and more details about reporting: https://www.curlbc.ca/member-resources/affiliation-reporting/.

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