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Template waivers created for member curling centres

Two template waivers that your centre can use to ensure curlers are aware of the risks associated with the Roaring game have been created.

The first waiver is for adult curlers, while the second deals with youth (minor) curlers.

Both waivers, which were created by Curl BC Participation Manager Melissa Sim, incorporate the recent helmet recommendation from Curling Canada.

While the waivers do not specify that all U12 curlers wear CSA-approved helmets, Curl BC supports this particular recommendation and supports the work of your centre to ensure the safety of your curlers, young and old.

Curling centres should be aware that waivers should be signed every year. Signing a waiver at the start of a curler’s membership in your centre may not be enough to protect your centre against liability claims. The template waivers can be downloaded from https://www.curlbc.ca/member-resources/concussion-protocol/.

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