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Social Media Guidelines


Curl BC and our member centre event host committees are actively engaged in social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blog sites) to extend the reach and messages of our organizations and engage with key audiences in a meaningful way. Staff, volunteers, athletes, coaches and officials are the best ambassadors and promoters of curling and are encouraged to take part and share their experiences through social media.


Only designated individuals will be given the authority to communicate through social media on behalf of Curl BC. These guidelines provide direction for volunteers, participants, and supporters who choose to identify their relationship with Curl BC through personal social media accounts at Curl BC events or in the lead-up to Curl BC events.

1. Be authentic and transparent. Write in the first person and be clear that you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of Curl BC.

2. Exercise good judgment. Everything online is visible to the entire world and is discoverable. Respect the privacy and opinions of others and don’t reveal confidential information.

3. Links to the Curl BC website www.curlbc.ca, our event websites, our member centres’ websites and www.playdowns.com or other scoring sites are encouraged.

4. Add value and insight for the people who will read your posts. Social media is about building relationships, and providing worthwhile information and perspective.

5. During championship events, competitors should be conscious of sponsors. Curl BC’s partnerships with companies such as belairdirect, Best Western and Kruger help our events run successfully, as well as provide money that covers the cost of banquets and training for officials. Curl BC would ask competitors to respect those partnerships by not: A) distributing messages that may be seen as critical of the sponsors; and B) distributing messages praising direct competitors of our sponsors. This applies specifically during championship events.

6. Be responsible. Staff, volunteers, and participants are representatives of their community, sport, and member centre and are responsible for the content they publish and how they participate in social media.

7. Competitors hurt the sport and hurt their teammates by sending out negative messages of their own, or by sharing/retweeting negative messages from other people. These can consist of criticism of opponents, teammates, officials, broadcasters, events, sponsors, facilities and playing conditions, or sexist, racist or homophobic slurs. Curl BC rules and policies such as our Codes of Ethics apply to social media.

8. During championship events, out of respect for the integrity of the game, players, coaches and alternates on the field of play will be prohibited from using any form of social media from 15 minutes prior to games until the completion of the game. However, teams can appoint someone sitting in the stands or watching on television to send messages via social media as long as there is no direct contact with the players, coach or alternate in the field of play.


Publishing inappropriate content related to Curl BC or one of its events, or any content that could be construed as bringing Curl BC or the event into disrepute, can and will lead to consequences. As stated in the Curl BC rules, Curl BC’s Board of Governors has the power, at any time, to suspend or expel, for just cause, any player or coach from competition for such period as the Board sees fit. For more information on the Curl BC Harassment and Disciplinary Policies, see the Curl BC Board Policy Registry BG-Appendix 11 at http://www.curlbc.ca/about/.


Participants who believe that social media use by another participant or volunteer is inappropriate or may violate Curl BC’s rules or policies should report the matter to Curl BC (604-333-3619, wsutton@curlbc.ca).

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