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Region 11 to host bonspiel workshop this September

Are you struggling to get teams to come to your bonspiel? Do you need to revisit how you approach your bonspiel organization? Do you want your bonspiel to be a revenue generating event for your club? Do you need more volunteers? Do you need innovative and creative ideas? If your bonspiels are successful, are you willing to share your success stories?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, we know the workshop for you and your team! Region 11 is hosting a bonspiel workshop at Royal City Curling Club on Sunday September 16, 2018. Registration is at 9:30am and the workshop starts at 10:00am.

To register, please email Liz Goldenberg at lizgj7@gmail.com and let her know how many people will attend. Clubs are not limited to the number of participants they can send.

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Managers
  • Bonspiel coordinators
  • Supporters from the club’s executive
  • Those wanting to learn how to organize a bonspiel
  • Volunteers

Round-table discussions will include the following:

Getting Started: Setting dates early in the season, inviting volunteers, when to start planning, how much to charge, wanting to attract ‘elite’ curlers, and themes.

Budgeting: Ice rental and technician costs, dinner costs, returning entry fees, raising money, morning coffee costs, how to determine amounts for cash prizes, decorating costs, 3-ender prizes, and other expenses.

The Draw: Effects of changing up a draw, how to create a new draw, types of draws, and timing of draws.

Fundraising: Types of draws (50/50, grid, wine, etc.), silent auctions, and purchasing tickets for baskets.

Advertising: Posters, social media, emails, direct contact with other clubs, bulletin boards, getting to know other clubs through participating in other bonspiels, and creative ideas to attract teams.

Volunteers: Having enough volunteers, inviting new volunteers, and providing spares.

Themes: How to pick a theme, the importance of a theme, and how much the theme is involved in the event.

Innovative Ideas: How to entice volunteers with fresh ideas, how to encourage ‘elite’ curlers to participate, and more!

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