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Documents & Forms for Covid-19

This page has been set up to provide files that curling centres can use to help build their Safety Plans and Return to Curling guides to operate during a global pandemic. If there is something you would like to see here please contact Rebecca Connop Price at 604-333-3617 or email or contact Kim Dennis at 604-333-3618 or email

Dec. 2 Temporary Measures:


  • Download the Return to Curling Guidelines (PDF) The latest version was published on Dec. 1 but the guidance is not in effect during the province-wide restrictions announced on Dec. 2. See document above (Temporary Measures) for current allowable activities.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Guidelines and Return to Curling in General:

  • We are in the process of updating our FAQ document.


Planning documents:

Waivers and Health Declarations

Template plan

Modified four-person curling

Sample floor layout for physical distancing:

Engineered controls:

The Engineered controls are some specific ways your club can implement measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 using things like barriers and hygiene stations.

Marketing during Covid-19

Curling Canada has released some advocacy tools for promoting curling during Covid-19. Click here to view them. (PDF)

Club Return to Curling Plans:

Reminders to members about procedures:

Here are some reminders you may need to send to members via your newsletters or on social media:

Scripts for customer education:

Able BC has produced some scripts that member clubs can refer to in order to maintain good adherence to Covid-19 safety protocols. Not all the scripts are relevant to all curling centres but they can be adapted.


Signage with a * means there is a printed copy available from Curl BC. The other files are for you to print and post yourself.

Stopping the Spread/Illness:

Floor/Ice Markers:

Wash Your Hands:

Physical Distancing Reminder:

Wearing a Mask:

WorkSafeBC Occupancy Limit: