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Register for CTRS by October 15 deadline

BC teams who would like to earn CTRS points for the 2017-18 season must register their team by October 15.

The Canadian Team Ranking System (CTRS) is a point system designed by Curling Canada to rank Canadian men and women’s curling teams. The rankings are determined by the points earned throughout the season from eligible curling events held worldwide.

All teams wishing to participate in the Canadian Team Ranking System must register their team line-up by October 15. There is no fee to register; however, if you do not register, your team will not be eligible to collect CTRS points.

Recognizing that completing forms and filling out the same information on multiple websites is a time-consuming task, Curling Canada has partnered with curlingzone.com to provide a centralized registration process. You register once and select the ranking system(s) you would like to associate with your registration.

A link to the registration form is contained here: http://www.curling.ca/team-canada/canadian-team-ranking-system/how-ctrs-points-are-calculated/

Eligible events must also register their event with Curling Zone.

One women’s team and two men’s teams will earn berths to BC championships based on their CTRS score. Note – points from regional, provincial and national events do not go towards the BC Provincial CTRS points berths.

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