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Regional Representative / Ambassador and Curling Centre handbook – a guide to your role

You can access all of the sections of our Regional Representative / Ambassador and Curling Centre handbook below. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of the handbook, here.

Calendar of events

When Who What
August Curling Centre Update Curl BC/Curl BC Region with Centre Information
August to March/April Curling Centre Hold Club Board Meetings
September to March/April Curling Centre/Region Hold regional meetings and confirm which centres are hosting playdowns and who the contact person is
October Curling Centre Affiliation fees audit request & payment – due date: 15 November
November Curling Centre Affiliation fees payment to Curl BC – due date: 1 December
November Curling Centre Submit curling facility contact form – due date: 1 December
January Curling Centre Active curler list to Curl BC – due date: 15 February
January Curling Centre School group reporting to Curl BC – due date: 15 February
March/Early April Curling Centre Election of Curling Centre Board and Club Regional Representative / Ambassador(s), before regional elections below
March/Early April Region Election of Regional Representatives / Ambassadors, 60 days prior to Curl BC AGM
Mid April Curling Centre Drop in groups report to Curl BC – due date: 15 April
April/June Curling Centre Attend Curl BC Annual General Meeting
June 1 Curling Centre / Region Deadline for submission of playdown dates and locations as well as curling centre adverts and bonspiels for the yearbook


The purpose of this handbook is to give Curl BC Regional and Curling Centre Representatives / Ambassadors a useful guide to their role. In the first section, you will learn more about the Curl BC Board and its role. Following that, you will learn more about the Curl BC Regions and your role as a Curl BC Regional or Curling Centre Representative / Ambassador. On behalf of everyone at Curl BC, thank you for your time.

Curl BC Board

The purpose of the Board, on behalf of the Member Facilities, is to determine and ensure that Curl BC achieves its Ends at an acceptable cost and avoids unacceptable actions and situations.


The Curl BC Board meets three times a year. The Board attends all three events. The Regional Representatives / Ambassadors will be invited to attend the June Board Meeting and AGM.

Spring Board Meeting & AGM (may expand to include a Business of Curling Symposium)

  • Usually the second weekend in June
  • Friday evening – Committee meetings
  • Saturday morning – Board meeting
  • Early Saturday afternoon – Professional Development sessions
  • Later Saturday afternoon – AGM followed by Board elections
  • Saturday evening – Annual Awards dinner

It is anticipated that Board meetings and AGMs will be hosted at the Fortius Athlete Development Centre in Burnaby Lake Park, but other venues may be chosen for meetings.

All Board meeting and AGM hotel arrangements are made by the Curl BC office. Governor and Regional Representatives / Ambassadors are required to inform the Curl BC office in advance of the meeting if they have any special requests or needs. Governors (and Regional Representatives / Ambassadors at Spring Board/AGMs only) are provided with the following at Curl BC’s expense during Board meetings:

Shared accommodation

Curl BC policy is to provide shared accommodation wherever possible.

Meal honoraria

Governors and Regional Representatives / Ambassadors (for Spring Board AGMs only) are allowed to claim meal honoraria for each day they are traveling to/from and attending a Board meeting. Honorariums will be not given for meals that are already provided free of charge such as a Board lunch and hotel continental breakfast. Although the maximum meal honorarium is allowed for each purchased meal, Curl BC requests that claims be for the expenses actually paid, and provide receipts whenever possible.

Travel costs

Mileage (home address – meeting location – home) and other fees (such as ferry, tolls, taxi, etc.) may be claimed. Expense claim forms will be provided to people attending meetings in person.

Curl BC regions

Curl BC is divided into 11 geographical regions across the province to assist in administering curling activities within each region.

a. Regional elections

Each of the regions holds an election in the Spring every two years. Regions 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 hold their elections in odd numbered years, while Regions 3, 4, 7, and 11 hold their elections in even numbered years. Elections are to be held for the following positions:

Regional Governor
This person sits on the Curl BC Board and fulfills the roles outlined in the Curl BC Governance Manual. There are five Regional Governors elected at the Inter-Regional level as follows:

The respective member facilities within regions 1 through 10 shall each elect one Regional Representative / Ambassador and one alternate. The Regional Representative / Ambassador shall further elect one of those Regional Ambassadors as a governor of the society as follows:

  • Regions 1 and 2 Regional Representatives / Ambassadors shall elect one governor in odd numbered years;
  • Regions 3, 4 and 7 Regional Representatives / Ambassadors shall elect one governor in even numbered years;
  • Regions 5 and 6 Regional Representatives / Ambassadors shall elect one governor in odd numbered years; and,
  • Regions 8, 9, and 10 shall elect one governor in odd numbered years

If, after the election for Governor, a region is without a Regional Representative / Ambassador, the alternate elected by that region shall become the Regional Representative / Ambassador. Please note that proxy voting is not permitted at any regional meeting.

The member facilities within Region 11 shall elect up to eight Regional Representatives / Ambassadors and shall further elect one of those representaives as a governor of the society in even numbered years.

Regional Representative / Ambassador
You are responsible for organizing and chairing regional meetings and liaising with the Provincial Governor and/or Curl BC’s Chief Executive Officer when needed.

Regional Secretary
This person is responsible for taking minutes during the meetings and distributing them to the attendees, the Member Facilities within the region and Curl BC (Participation Manager).

Regional Treasurer
This person is responsible for managing regional funds and financial reporting.

Additional Regional Executive/Officer/Committee

If required, you are to assist the Regional Officers (Chairperson, Secretary and Treasury) and attend Playdowns as a Curl BC Regional Representatives / Ambassadors.

The Regional Representative / Ambassador should be prepared to help recruit people to the above positions and liaise with individuals who are interested in the roles.

b. Regional finance

Each region is to manage its own finances and hold a regional bank account under the account name of “Curl BC Region.” Curl BC provides financial support to each region every fall to assist with administration costs. Regions 1-10 receive $750, while Region 11 receives $1,250. The Regions may use these funds as they see fit.  Hosting curling centres also receive funds (outlined in Regional Playdowns section) for regional playdowns.

Regions must submit their financial statements to the Curl BC office (Chief Executive Officer) by May 1st of each year.

c. Regional meetings

Regions must hold meetings (in-person or via electronic communication) at least twice a year. A quorum is representation by at least two member facilities except for Region 11 that requires representation from at least five member facilities. A sample meeting agenda looks like the following, but is determined by the Region:

1.       Call to order
2.       Approval of past minutes
3.       Approval of the agenda
4.       Guest speaker (eg. Curl BC rep.)
5.       Financial update
6.       Relevant agenda items
7.       New business
8.       Next meeting location, date & time
9.       Adjournment

d. Regional/Inter-regional playdowns

Regions are responsible for scheduling their own playdown event sites and dates. These must be submitted to the Curl BC office (High Performance and Competitions Manager) no later than June 1 of each year. An outline of events to be scheduled can be found in the Curl BC Policy Registry BG-Appendix 8 – under “Curl BC Board Policy Registry” at http://www.curlbc.ca/about/.

Events must be completed by the deadline outlined by the Curl BC office each year. Deadlines dates are a minimum of two weeks prior to the BC championship.

In regions where inter-regional playdowns are required, regions are to cooperatively prepare a three-year matrix outlining which regions will host events in which years (eg. East Kootenays to host the senior 1 & 2 playdown in 2013-14, West Kootenays to host senior 1 & 2 playdown in 2014-15 and then back to the East Kootenays). This should also be submitted to the Curl BC office.

The following are responsibilities of the regions when hosting regional playdown events:

1.       Appoint a liaison
a.       This may be the Regional Representative / Ambassador or a curling centre delegate. This person is not someone who is also competing in or officiating at the event.
b.      Responsibilities include collecting player documentation (participant’s agreement and club authorization forms), chairing the team briefing, distributing winners’ packages and ensuring photos are taken of the winning teams.
c.       A hosting template is provided by the Curl BC office with additional details.

2.       Appoint a curling centre contact
a.       This person liaises with the Curl BC office during the lead up to the event regarding items such as draw times.

3.       Be visible at events.
a.  The Regional Representative / Ambassador may be required to speak at playdowns or act as a point of contact for Curl BC. They should also be available to meet the media and introduce them to representatives such as club presidents, as well as passing any media requests on to the Curl BC Communications and Marketing Manager.

Host centres of playdowns will receive a direct contribution from Curl BC of $50/team and the Chief Umpire will receive a direct payment from Curl BC of $10/draw except for the men’s and women’s qualification events for which the Chief Umpire receives $100.


6,000-8,000 yearbooks are printed each year and are to be distributed via the Regional Representatives / Ambassadors at the beginning of the season. The deadline for materials to be included in the Yearbook is usually around early to mid-June.

Regional Representatives / Ambassadors are responsible for the following items:

  1. Ensuring their regional playdown dates and locations have been submitted to the Curl BC office (High Performance and Competitions Manager).
  2. Ensuring the Curl BC office (Participation Manager) has your phone number and email address to be included in the yearbook (so centres in your region know who to contact).
  3. Submitting to the Curl BC office (Participation Manager) the mailing address (no PO box numbers) for where the yearbooks for your region should be shipped. This must be submitted no later than September 1.

Regional Representatives / Ambassadors will be emailed an electronic copy of the distribution numbers for each centre within their region. This document is not mailed with the books, so please be sure to print a copy to take during the distribution. These numbers are calculated based upon membership data submitted from each member facility and are flexible at the discretion of the Regional Representatives / Ambassadors.

Curling Centres

In addition to appointing a club representative and an alternate for the Curl BC Regional Meetings and Curl BC AGM, the Curling Centres are responsible to Curl BC and their Regional Committee for the following:

  1. Updating Curl BC and their Curl BC Regional Committee with any changes to the executive and/or manager in a timely manner (Curl BC Participation Manager).
  2. Affiliation Fee Payment – Final Due Date is December 1.
  3. Membership List in Curl BC format by February 15 (Curl BC Participation Manager).
  4. Confirm Playdowns in spring at regional meeting(s).

The club representative serves as a channel for communication between the facility, the Region and Curl BC.  Meeting minutes are provided to representative and presidents.  It is recommended a Regional Update be added to the curling centre’s meeting agendas.

The club representative shall ensure that when regional or provincial Playdowns are to be hosted by their facility that a Curl BC liaison (which could be the representative) is appointed by the facility to be responsible for coordinating the playdown event.  Details of these responsibilities will be provided by Curl BC prior to each event, with specifics for the particular event, which may not be the same as others but will always include updating playdowns.com as the event progresses.

It is the Regional Representative / Ambassador’s role to engage with the Presidents of each centre and all of the curling centre representatives in their region to ensure that they understand the role of the regional committee.


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