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Prize Package

Prize Money

Prize money for each category of event will be based on the number of entries. The payout will be as follows:

3 or fewer entries:             Champion – $500

4-7 Entries:                         Champion -$500, Runner-up- $200

8- 15 Entries                       Champion – $750, Runner-up-$300 Bronze $200

16- 23 Entries                     Champion $1000, Runner-up-$400, Bronze $300, 4th $200

23-32 Entries                     Champion $1250, Runner up $500, Bronze $400, 4th-8th $300

*2 person categories of events (Mixed Doubles, Stick) Prize Payouts will be 50% of the 4 person category Prize Payouts based on the size of the team and the cost of the entry fee for these categories of events.

*Winning teams may be subsidized at the national level by Curling Canada