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Playdown Schedule and Registration

To follow online scores, visit playdowns.curlbc.ca.

Results from the 2015-16 season and earlier are currently archived. Curl BC is working to include this archive in an updated version of our playdowns.curlbc.ca scoring site.

Coach eligibility: In order to coach at playdowns, provincials and nationals Curling Canada and Curl BC require that coaches be Competition Coach Certified. For details about the Competition Coach Certification process and to register for a workshop visit Curl BC Courses/Camps.

A Club Authorization Form and Participants’ Agreement must be completed and mailed to Curl BC at 2001A – 3713 Kensington Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5B 0A7 or emailed to assistant@curlbc.ca. Please select the forms you need:

Club authorization form

Curl BC Participants’ Agreement

Curl BC Participants’ Agreement – U21, U18 & U16

Qualifier Biography Form

If you are successful in qualifying for a BC Championship, please fill out the Qualifier Biography Form. Information from this form could be used for event programs, press releases or during commentary in a broadcast.

Uniforms and Cresting

Please visit https://www.curlbc.ca/uniforms-and-cresting/ to see the regulations around uniforms and cresting.

Playdown Prize Package

The following prize package is available to all teams who qualify for BC Championships, except those participating in BC Winter Games.

1st 2nd third 4th or below
$800 cash prize plus $750 worth of Team BC gear* $600/team $400/team $300/team
Mixed Doubles
$400 cash prize plus $200 entry fee paid for nationals plus $375 worth of Team BC gear* $300/team $200/team $100/team

*In addition, travel and accommodation costs are subsidized at the national level. Changes affecting some categories were introduced by Curling Canada in 2017. Read more here.

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