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New daytime competitive league at Peace Arch

Still considering options for your curling season? If a daytime competitive league sparks your interest, check out the new OPEN competitive league at Peace Arch Curling Club, running on Tuesdays at 12:15pm.

For just $250 each for associate members, your team is in! A good league to get your PCMCA team ready for the playoffs. For details, call Susan or Linda at 604-531-0244 or email

The Peace Arch Curling Club is also offering guided play for novices.

It’s more than a Learn-to-Curl Clinic, it’s more than a novice league … it’s BOTH – and more!

Beginners get special treatment at Peace Arch Curling Club. After a threee-hour orientation session, these novices receive ongoing instruction and guidance from qualified leaders in their own league on Sundays at 4:00 pm. For $139, you will receive the Learn-to-Curl Clinic, eight scheduled league games plus two grippers. Brooms are available at a small rental fee. Beginners and one-year novices, build your confidence with others at your same level and continue to improve while enjoying a new social group. Call Susan or Linda at 604-531-0244 or email

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