Our House is Your House

New brand for a new era for Curl BC

Curl BC is adopting a new look and theme in preparation for a major milestone in the history of the sport in British Columbia: The 125th anniversary of curling in BC in the year 2020.

Our new identity will reflect the spirit of intent of “Our House is Your House”, our community mantra.

Like the sport, it is active, fun and social. It is welcoming and warm, friendly and upbeat.

The new word and logo marks are modern but respectful of the history, heritage and colours of curling in British Columbia and Canada.

The Colours of Curling
Red and blue are typically used against a white backdrop. The new Curl BC emblem reflects the colours of curling and are inspired by the provincial flag of British Columbia.

The Shared Passion of “Our House is Your House”
Our House is Your House is not only our new mantra, it is central to our new look. The house that is so synonymous with our sport is clearly integrated into the stylized “BC” in our new word mark.

It is meant to remind us every day that Our House is Your House. That our programs are your programs. Our services are your services.

The Stylized Rock
The final element of our new look is the stylized rock above the word mark.
The three prongs of the rock represent the leading attributes of our sport as active, fun and social; and the synergies of camaraderie, teamwork and strategic play that make curling the sport of a lifetime.

Thank you to Christopher Ordog from Christopher Allan Design and Marketing for his design work.

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