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You may submit your curling centre membership form in whatever format you collect this information.  This can be as a spreadsheet in a database your curling centre is using, or as an Excel spreadsheet created by your curling centre, or as a Word document, or even, as copies of the old fashioned hand written membership forms your members fill out each year.  You may also choose to use the Curl BC formatted forms below.

You can email your membership reports to Melissa Sim at msim@curlbc.ca.  If you have any questions about what your membership reporting requirements are, please email Melissa or call her at 604-333-3620 or toll free at 1-800-667-2875 .

Facility Contact Form: Provide Curl BC with the current and correct contacts at your curling centre. Updated form TBA.

Individuals Reporting Form: Record names of all Regular Curlers, New/Novice Curlers and Drop-In Curlers who are part of your curling centre membership, including children, youth, adults, seniors and masters all on one list. Do not divide by leagues. Due Annually November 30. Mid-season registrations due annually on January 30. Drop-In Curlers reporting due annually March 30. Link to form.

Regular Curler: A member/user of the club who curls/trains four or more times in one or more club leagues during the season (includes “rental” leagues).

New/Novice Curler: A new curler in a learn to curl league, a novice league, or another kind of beginner league that runs for 10 weeks or less.

Drop-In Curler: A curler who is on the ice a maximum of three times during the season.

School Group Reporting Form: Record groups of students who are participating in a school program at your club. Due annually March 30. Link to form.

Please contact Melissa Sim at msim@curlbc.ca or 604-333-3620 if you have any questions about the affiliation fees, reporting deadlines, or membership reporting requirements.

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