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Affiliation & Reporting

Affiliation Fees

Curl BC Affiliation fees are calculated based on the number of individuals who are regular curlers at the curling centre, using a three-year rolling average or the previous season’s reported members, whichever is lowest. Curling centres are charged at a rate of $15 per person, which includes Personal Accident Insurance for each individual, or $14 per person if the facility opts out of the Personal Accident Insurance program. Curling centres are charged $8 per individual for introductory curlers.

Affiliation fees are due annually on December 1. A monthly 2% late penalty will be assessed against facilities that pay after December 1.

Audit Request

Curling facilities may request an audit of your participation numbers if your membership drops by more than 20%. A written audit request and a minimum of 50% of fees must be received by Curl BC by November 15.

To request an audit of your curling centre’s participation numbers, contact Curl BC at Audit requests must be made in writing.

Definition of types of curlers:

Regular Curlers: Anyone who curls in a regularly scheduled league at an affiliated curling centre, whether that league is organized by the curling centre or by another outside group (commercial league, rental league, Masters league, etc.) must be included on the list of Regular Curlers. This also includes participants in provincial playdowns who may or may not play in regularly scheduled league but who are fully paid members, representing your facility at competitions. Curling centres pay affiliation fees to Curl BC based on $15 (or $14 if opting out of Personal Accident Insurance coverage) per Regular Curler registered at their centre.

Spare Curlers: Anyone who curls intermittently, but more than three (3) times in a curling season, must be included on the list of “Regular Curlers” and included in a centre’s affiliation count.

Drop-In Curlers: Anyone who curls three (3) or fewer times in a curling season does not need to be included on the list of “Regular Curlers” and will not be included in affiliation count. However, curlers in this category can receive personal accident insurance if their curling centre pays an additional $1 for all drop-in curlers at the centre and includes their full name on the “Drop-In List” provided to Curl BC for reporting purposes. If personal accident insurance is not needed for the drop-in curlers, the facility will not be invoiced for the drop-in curlers.

Introductory curlers: Anyone who participates in an introductory or novice league that lasts eight (8) weeks or less.

Active Curler Reporting

Facility Contact Form: Due December 1 annually. Provide Curl BC with the current and correct contacts at your curling centre. Due annually on December 1. Link to form.

Regular Curler Reporting Form: Record names of all Regular Curlers (definition above) who are part of your curling centre membership, including children, youth, adults, seniors and masters all on one list. Do not divide by leagues. Due Annually February 15. Link to form.

School Group Reporting Form: Record groups of Drop-In Curlers (definition above) who participate three or fewer times in a curling season. Individual names are not required. Due annually February 15. Link to form.

Drop in Curler Reporting Form: Record individual names of all Drop-In Curlers (definition above) who participate 3 or fewer times in a curling season for personal accident insurance coverage. Curling facilities opting in for insurance for their drop-in curlers will be invoiced at a rate of $1 per person. Due Annually April 15. Link to form.

Introductory League Form: Record the names of all individuals who participated in an introductory/novice league lasting eight weeks or less. Due annually on February 15. Link to form.

BC Activity Reporter

The Provincial Sport Organization, Curl BC,  receives access to the BC Activity Reporter which takes the Headless Data and coordinates it with Census data, Parks and Recreation Data, Commercial and Industrial data, and other provincial data from other community sectors as well as the sport sector. Curl BC will be able to download information for curling clubs and regions to help with marketing programs, for example, targeting communities with consideration for the local demographics, local businesses, recreation centers, schools etc.

Web Conference

A Member Facility or Region can contact Curl BC to set up an internet meeting using Adobe Connect to discuss and review the requirements for membership reporting. Please contact Penny Bartel at 1-800-667-2875,or 604-333-3620, if you want to set up a phone conference or web conference.

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