Our House is Your House

If you had an opportunity to inspire the world, would you take it?

Time is running out if you’re interested in applying to be a volunteer performer in the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies!!! On October 9, 2009, the on-line application will be closed, so don’t miss your chance. Inspired people of all ages and abilities are needed to make up the Paralympic Ceremonies casts, so don’t hesitate to apply even if your best performance skill is enthusiasm!!!

Simply log on to www.vancouver2010.com for complete information about this amazing opportunity and how you can apply. Become a member of this inspired team by clicking on “Ceremonies” located on the left-hand side menu of the homepage. From there, follow the links to apply as a Paralympic Ceremonies volunteer performer. Or, if you prefer, the link below will lead you straight to the application.


Once you get to the application, the first question is for a “Source Code”. The special Source Code for members of Curl BC is: curlbc

Again, the deadline for applications is October 9, 2009, so don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!!!

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