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Floor curling a success at North Delta Family Day

Looking for a way to promote your curling club during the summer or for a fun and easy addition to your community event?  Borrow Curl BC’s floor curling equipment!

The North Delta Lions Club Family Day, which took place on June 24, is just one example of an event that has utilized Curl BC’s floor curling equipment to get kids (and adults) engaged in and introduced to curling.

Event Chair Gary Kingston, the 2016 recipient of the Curl BC Friendship Award, decided to inquire about the floor curling equipment after seeing it in use by Tunnel Town Curling Club during the Ladner May Days weekend.

“I noticed a lot of kids were out there pushing the stones on the ball bearings and they seemed to be having fun,” said Kingston, who later called Curl BC Member Services Manager Melissa Sim to arrange borrowing the equipment. Kingston also arranged to have Patrick Prade, the Delta Thistle Curling Club Manager, at the event to run the curling area.

“[Patrick] was very enthusiastic and I think it really worked out well,” said Kingston. “He had lots of kids down there and I saw him talking to a lot of parents and handing out brochures and really trying to get some younger people involved in curling … Every time I wandered down there to have a look there was always young kids down there.”

For Prade and Delta Thistle, the event was a great opportunity to connect with local families, especially since the Family Day event took place just five minutes away from the curling club.

“It’s very effective marketing in terms of who you’re targeting,” Prade said of using the floor curling equipment at local community events.

“I put together a flyer and went through about 200 of them. Every time a group of kids came up I talked to the parents too. I was there for about 4.5 hours and had easily 100 to 150 kids, and some kids lining up multiple times. There were a couple who played over and over again.”

Curl BC’s floor curling equipment is free for member clubs to borrow. Other groups can rent the wooden ice sheet and rocks for $200/day or two house mats and rocks for $50/day.  Contact Melissa Sim at msim@curlbc.ca or 604-333-3620 for more information.

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