Curl BC Curl BC

Live Scoring

Elite Prospects Pathway


Individual Based – up to 16 individuals

    • Learn to Excel, Train to Excel stages of the LTCD
      • Selection based on
        • CTRS – last 2 year’s (Top 75)
        • BC Ranking list – past 2 years


  • Carding – must meet minimum fitness requirements.
  • Minimum 2 provincial consultant sessions available (on or off ice)
  • Minimum 3 sport science sessions (subsidy $300/pp)
  • Included
    • Access to ice at Chilliwack (September 2) and Royal City (September 9/10) – booking required
    • Access to Google Drive resources (mental and physical, training plans, webinars, nutrition, etc.)
    • Access to webinars
    • Priority access to camps/training days (small fee)
    • Access to program equipment (microphones, smart broom, rock hawks, IPads)
    • Curl BC HP gear
    • Curl BC web-ad – one non conflicting sponsor per team displayed on the Curl BC webpage
    • Access to Slack – providing direct contact with HP coaches
  • Performance Incentive Funding – Based on CTRS ranking as of December 5th, 2023


  1. Continuous engagement with Curl BC HP Director
    1. zoom meetings as requested
    2. Slack communication
  2. Post event debrief after every event – using Monday form
  3. Post practice debrief – gaps that were identified, are they part of the training plan
  4. Athletes must register for their CSI Card by August 31st, 2023.
  5. Athletes must attend as many webinars/CSI speaker series as possible
  6. Once YTP complete, provide a copy of your Physical Training Plan and Mental Training Plan

Cost – $200 per person