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Easy tools to help your curling centre raise funds

If your curling centre is seeking to raise money for a project and you want to provide donors with a charitable gift receipt, consider using either the National Sport Trust Fund or Curling Canada’s Club Development Fund.

National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF) is a philanthropic gift-giving program that promotes the development of amateur sport on a national level. It offers curling centres the opportunity to develop programs that target fundraising from private sources including individuals, corporations and foundations. Projects can either be program-based (ie. junior development), or capital / equipment-based (eg. a new roof).

The first step in accessing the NSTF is to contact Curl BC so that we can review your project and help you develop a proposal for the application. Following that, download and fill out a project application form and send it to Curl BC. On your behalf, Curl BC will submit your completed application form to the NSTF office for review. The NSTF office will analyze and set-up the project, and then send you a confirmation notice to let you know that you can now promote the project to your potential donors.

The Club Development Fund (CDF) is open to all Curl BC member curling centres. To be eligible for this fund, projects must be capital / equipment-based and considered special or extraordinary in nature. In other words, projects that are unusual and occur infrequently rather than being part of the regular, day-to-day operation of your curling centre. For example, the repair or replacement of a curling centre roof or ice making equipment, or the purchase of special curling equipment like junior rocks.

To apply to the CDF, prepare a letter on your curling centre’s letterhead that includes:

  • An outline of the non-operational, special project(s) that your curling centre is undertaking and require funds for
  • Total expenses for the project
  • A brief description of the project

This letter can be sent to Curl BC for review and input, and then submitted to Curling Canada for their approval.

To learn more about either of the above opportunities, please contact Scott Braley from Curl BC or phone him at 604-333-3621.


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