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Curl BC Rules 16-17 for competitive play and Curling Canada Rules for General Play

Sections that are bolded are new for 2016-17. An error in the 2016-17 Curl BC Yearbook has been corrected in the website version (link above). The error was the wrong age eligibility dates for our U18 and Junior events. The rules listed above supersede those in the yearbook.

Rules pertaining to competitive play:

Uniforms and Cresting

Curlers in playdowns must adhere to the rules with regards to sponsors and cresting.

Last Stone Draw Rules

As stated in the Curl BC Yearbook pg 78 Rule 6 (d) (i) Last stone advantage will be per Curling Canada’s Rules for Officiated Play.

Rules of Mixed Doubles

New rules for Mixed Doubles have been published in the 2016-17 Curl BC Yearbook. Click here to download the Doubles Rules Poster, for mixed or same gender teams.

Curling Canada/WCF ruling on brush head technology

Curl BC will be adhering to international brush head technology and sweeping regulations for playdowns in BC leading to national events. The regulations were approved at the World Curling Federation Annual General Assembly in September 2016. Curling Canada has created an FAQ page to answer questions about the new rules. Visit to read more.

Additional note: A delivery device can be used to clean the path from the house to the hack in a north south direction and east to west after cleaning your rock. Whatever delivery device you are using during your delivery can be used to clean up the area of the thrower (foot prints, knee prints etc.) as long as it’s not done in a prolonged, hard sweeping motion. Delivery devices come in many forms, i.e. hair brushes, stabilizers, hammer brooms etc.

Proof of Residency Requirements Form should be downloaded if:

  • You have been requested to show proof of residency by a Provincial/Territorial Member Association.
  • You are requesting residency to compete in playdowns in a Province/Territory and you have not been a permanent resident of that province/territory by the September 1 deadline

Application for Exemption of Residency Requirements Form should be downloaded if:

  • You are living within a short distance of a provincial/territorial border
  • You are a student wishing to compete in the province/territory where you are attending school versus your province/territory of your permanent residence.
  • You are based in two locations due to your employment situation

Player fines for violations

Social Media Guidelines

Concussion Protocol

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