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2018-19 Schedule of Events


Visit our Playdown Registration Information document for details on registration.

Berth allocation

The 8 teams per gender shall qualify as follows
– 5 Regional events – 7 berths to be prorated (based on the number of entries) among the regions as long as the region meets the min. of 2 teams entering.
– 1 open event – 1 berth (minimum); alternating between the LM and OK
* If a region does not have at least two entries, then one less berth will be prorated among the other regions and the berth will be added to the open event.
** If there is only one entry in a region, that team will have the option of competing in another regional playdown. In such a situation, the team will be asked, prior to the entry deadline, to commit to which other regional playdown they will attend if they are the lone entry in their region. The team’s other options will be to enter the open event or withdraw from the regional playdown process.

Each player entering Masters competition shall be a minimum of 60 years of age on December 31 of the year prior to the provincial championship.

Event Date Location Deadline Entries W/M *
Kootenay Playdown - Women & Kootenay Playdown - Men Jan 25-27,2019 Trail Jan 6 1/4
Okanagan Playdown - Women & Okanagan Playdown - Men Jan 25-27,2019 Ashcroft Jan 6 0/2
Northern Playdown - Women & Northern Playdown - Men Jan 25-27,2019 Kitimat Jan 6 0/0
Island Playdown - Women & Island Playdown - Men Jan 25-27,2019 Cowichan Jan 6 4/3
Lower Mainland Playdown - Women & Lower Mainland Playdown - Men Jan 25-28,2019 Mission Jan 6 4/9
Open Playdown - Women & Open Playdown - Men Feb 9-11,2019 Cloverdale Jan 28 1/4
BC Masters Mar 5-10,2019 Nanaimo
Canadian Masters April 1-7, 2019 Saskatoon, SK n/a n/a
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