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Congratulations to 2018 Club Challenge winners

The 2018 regional Club Challenge events have come to a close. Throughout the month of March, Club Challenge events were held in six regions of BC: Island North, Island South, Kootenays, Mainland, Okanagan and the North.

These events qualify teams to go on to compete at the Travelers BC Club Challenge and the Pacific International Cup from April 11-15, 2018, at the Richmond Curling Club. Congratulations to the following teams!


Campbell River Curling Club (Island North)
Cowichan Rocks (Island South)
Creston Curling Club (Kootenays)
MacArthur Island Curling Club (Okanagan)
Williams Lake Curling Club (North)
Langley Curling Club (Mainland)
Cloverdale Curling Club (Mainland)
Royal City Curling Club (Mainland)


Parksville Curling Club (Island North)
Juan de Fuca Curling Club (Island South)
Creston Curling Club (Kootenays)
Kamloops Curling Club (Okanagan)
Quesnel Curling Club (North)
Langley Curling Club (Mainland)
Richmond Curling Club (Mainland)
Royal City Curling Club (Mainland)

Visit http://www.picup.ca/ for more information about the Pacific International Cup and visit http://www.bcclubchallenge.ca for more information about the Travelers BC Club Challenge.

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