Curl BC Curl BC

Competitive (U25) Pathway


Individual Based (U25) – up to 16 individuals

      • In the Learn to Compete and Train to Compete stages of the LTCD
      • Selection based on
        • BC Ranking list – past 2 years (University/College, U21, U18, CWG, BCWG)


  • Provincial Level 2 Carding – must meet minimum fitness requirements.
  • Free access to Google Drive resources (mental and physical, training plans, webinars, nutrition, etc.)
  • Maximum 2 provincial consultant sessions available (on or off ice) – as available.
  • Included
    • Access to ice at Chilliwack (September 2) and Royal City (September 9/10) – booking required
    • Access to webinars
    • MPC Workshop – Mind in Motion
    • Access to program equipment (microphones, smart broom, rock hawks, IPads)
    • Curl BC HP gear
    • Curl BC web-ad – one non conflicting sponsor per team displayed on the Curl BC webpage
    • Access to Slack – providing direct contact with HP coaches
  • 3 – 5 camps throughout pre-season/pre-comp season (August – December) (small fee)
    • Mandatory attendance at one camp/training day


  1. Continuous engagement with Curl BC LTCD Manager
    1. zoom meetings as requested
    2. Slack communication
  2. Post event debrief after every event – using Monday form
  3. Post practice debrief – gaps that were identified, are they part of the training plan
  4. Athletes must register for their CSI Card by August 31st, 2023.
  5. Athletes must attend as many webinars/CSI speaker series as possible
  6. Once YTP complete, provide a copy of your Physical Training Plan and Mental Training Plan

Cost – $100 per person