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Professional Development (PD)

PD Opportunities

Below are the various PD Opportunities available. Click on the appropriate links view the content available.

Self Reporting: 1-3 points

NCCP Event Resources: 1-5 points

Non NCCP Event Resources = 1-3 Points *most camps are 3 points

  • In Person Coach Camps: TBD for 2018-19 Season
  • Rockslide Summer Coach Camp: July 2019 (Details to be updated January 2019)
  • HP Program Team Camps
  • Curl BC Coach Mentorship Program: Register Here
  • BC Games Mentorship Program: Register Here
  • Coaching at Club events- report event to Kim Dennis

eLearning Resources

Webinars 2018-2019 Season = 1-3 points *depending on the topic


  • Wednesday October 17th  7:00pm- Intro To Curl Coach App, Presented by Stephen Orr
  • Wednesday November 7th 7:00pm – Advanced Curl Coach, Presented by Stephen Orr
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