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Coaches reminded to get Criminal Record Checks

Coaches of teams looking to qualify for the BC Winter Games, the Optimist BC U18 Curling Championships or the BC Junior Curling Championships are required to get a Criminal Record Check.

If you are a coach of a team in one of these categories, you should ensure the check is done prior to playdowns. It can take three weeks for the check to be completed.

It is a requirement under BC law for adults working with children and vulnerable adults to get a Criminal Record Check.

Checks completed within the past five years are valid.

Any team with a coach under 21 years of age, or a team with players under the age of majority (19 years old) participating in an adult event (Men’s, Women’s, Mixed, Mixed Doubles, Wheelchair), must also be accompanied by a chaperone over 21 years of age. That chaperone must also complete a Criminal Record Check. If the team with players under the age of majority have a coach 21 or over who has a Criminal Record Check they would not need a chaperone.

It is easy and free to get a Criminal Record Check.

Coaches should visit https://www.curlbc.ca/member-resources/criminal-record-checks/ for a description of the service and links to the service.

You will need to verify your identity through a process similar to activating a credit card online. Use of the online service will greatly decrease the time required to complete a check and any delay in obtaining your Criminal Record Check.

The access code provided below is unique to Curl BC and can only be used by Curl BC volunteers. The code can only be used by volunteers, not paid members of staff. You will require this code when submitting your request online.

The results of the criminal record check will be sent directly by email to Curl BC Participation Manager Melissa Sim who will then process it and forward it to the appropriate curling centre, if applicable. In order to ensure that the information is sent to the correct individual, please ensure that you call or email Melissa Sim to tell her where the results should be sent. Melissa’s phone number is 604-333-3620 and her email is msim@curlbc.ca.

Service Link: https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/home.htm

Access Code for Curl BC VOLUNTEERS: EG5MVB2ZLL

For further information or any questions about this process and how it relates to coaches, please contact Will Sutton at wsutton@curlbc.ca or call 604-333-3622.

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