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Is your club interested in hosting a Jet Ice Technician Workshop?

Curl BC is currently taking requests from member clubs interested in hosting a Jet Ice Technician Level 1 or Level 2 workshop in the lead up to or during the 2018-19 season. Clubs that are interested in hosting a workshop can request a workshop by completing this form or by contacting Will Sutton at wsutton@curlbc.ca or 604-333-3622. 

Jet Ice is the title sponsor of our Ice Technician Program. This program is led by the Curl BC Provincial Ice Technician Team of Dave Merklinger, Mike Merklinger, Dayne Gagnon, BJ Gagnon and Murray Kutyn. The workshops available include Level 1 and 2 training or you can request support for your club through the Curl BC Ice Technician Mentorship Program.

Level 1 course lasts two days and contains information on all aspects of curling ice maintenance, such as using a scraper and burner, plus sweeping and pebbling techniques.

Level 2 course is a three to four day program, and includes a refrigeration segment, classroom instruction and ice installation. The prerequisites for Level 2 are Level 1 certification and two years experience as a curling club ice-maker.

The Mentorship Program will cost member clubs $400/day plus expenses and Curl BC will subsidize this by covering $100/per day of the facilitator costs. Payment for the sessions should be made to Curl BC. To request a mentorship session, please email Will Sutton. These mentorship sessions will not act as certification opportunities and are intended to enhance the lessons learned on the Jet Ice qualification program for Level 1 and 2 ice technicians.

Hosting responsibilities for all workshops can be found here.

You can find out more information about Jet Ice Products at www.jetice.com

Thank you to Jet Ice for their contribution to the program. Thank you also for your participation in hosting a course for your region.

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